Warnowiid. Just sayin’.


— Billy Wright

SCIENTISTS STUDYING MICROSCOPIC LIFE IN SEAWATER have found, what we laypeople might call, a tiny floating eyeball. Just as with our own eyes, the creature is fitted with a lens, cornea and retina. But what’s remarkable is that it’s all inside the one cell.

Scientists from the University of British Columbia (UBC) had their research on the ‘Warnowiid’ published last month in Nature.

“It’s an amazingly complex structure for a single-celled organism to have evolved,” said lead author Greg Gavelis, a zoology PhD student at UBC, speaking about the warnowiid.

“It contains a collection of sub-cellular organelles that look very much like the lens, cornea, iris and retina of multicellular eyes found in humans and other larger animals.”

The scientists still aren’t entirely sure what the eye is used for. Without the billions of very purposeful cells found in our own eyes, the warnowiid would have…

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  1. And why hasn’t my school mentioned anything about this if this is already from 2015?! My professors are always full of praise for Nature…but so, yeah 😀 this is absolutely super duper awesomesauce!

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