Warnowiid. Just sayin’.


— Billy Wright

SCIENTISTS STUDYING MICROSCOPIC LIFE IN SEAWATER have found, what we laypeople might call, a tiny floating eyeball. Just as with our own eyes, the creature is fitted with a lens, cornea and retina. But what’s remarkable is that it’s all inside the one cell.

Scientists from the University of British Columbia (UBC) had their research on the ‘Warnowiid’ published last month in Nature.

“It’s an amazingly complex structure for a single-celled organism to have evolved,” said lead author Greg Gavelis, a zoology PhD student at UBC, speaking about the warnowiid.

“It contains a collection of sub-cellular organelles that look very much like the lens, cornea, iris and retina of multicellular eyes found in humans and other larger animals.”

The scientists still aren’t entirely sure what the eye is used for. Without the billions of very purposeful cells found in our own eyes, the warnowiid would have…

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Danng! I’ve been locked out of my Facebook! HELLLP!!!

Okay – I’ve had three Facebook accounts. Like many others, there have been times that I’ve not only forgotten my password, but have also either forgotten which email I used to sign up…or can no longer remember that password either!

Automatic recourse? New Facebook account! Of course, you use a different form of your name or, like I did, sign up with a pseudonym – for me, it was Philosopher’s Journey – although somewhere on my account my real name is there.

Well, somehow the issue of multiple accounts arose (think “TOS” – Terms of Service) and, even though I contacted Facebook each time I was unable to log in to those other two (and they said that I’d just have to create a new account…wish I’d kept those emails), I’m in violation until they verify my ID…which I did submit, albeit with much trepidation

Sooo…my problem for which I need Help! HELLLP!!! is this: my posts are automatically shared on Facebook when I hit ‘Publish’…except now they’re not because I can’t log into Facebook yet. I share on Twitter and Instagram and even Google+, but I need to ask my followers here on The Old Fossil Writes to please, please use the Share buttons at the bottom of each post and share to your Facebook, and especially if you have a Public page or profile!

It won’t be forever (although I’d love for you to continue Sharing on all your social media afterwards😁) but I’d sure appreciate your help at least with the posts I’ve done since last Sunday, 7th of August!

Please HELP! HELLLP!!! til I’m no longer locked out of Facebook!

Tooting other authors’ horns!


It’s hard for me to blow my own horn. I suppose it’s my upbringing that prevents me from any form of braggadocio if I can help it, but that doesn’t preclude my tooting other authors’ horns!

Once I rearrange, switch out or otherwise revamp The Old Fossil Writes, the Bookshelf (if it retains that name) will, of course, have reviews that I have written, but it will also see links to reviews by other authors (- toots horn! –).

Like this one by Ralph Webster!

Like this one by Ralph Webster!

Readers, including authors, review the books they read. And authors not only sell their books, but they also participate in promotional Giveaways on Goodreads, Smashwords, Amazon and other platforms.

I promote my own…so why not give back to the readers and writers community by helping other authors to promote theirs (- “toot toot!” -)?

As I posted the other day, I visit a fair few blogs; I read them, explore them…learn from them, especially other writers’ sites. I figure that, if I’m going to borrow ideas from them for my own blog, and so many have been kind enough to share my book, then why shouldn’t I toot other authors’ horns, too?!!

“Toot toot”!!!

“Life of Theodore Grubb”

(“Smh” = “shaking my head”
I’ve known my share of Theo’s in my life. I’ve almost been Theo at one time in my life.
Choices. “smh” angry? or “smh” sad?
Or just, “smh”. Period.)


A hole in the ground… not Theodore.

Theodore Grubb or “Theo”, wasn’t a particularly significant person. He wasn’t handsome. He wasn’t smart, kind or endearing in any way. He wasn’t a man that others sought out. He hovered in crowds, lurking and gawking, uncomfortable in his skin. He sought out others who were as insignificant as him. They wouldn’t notice his uselessness to the group, because they all hid the same secret.They postured and flexed, swore to sound cool, smoked anything, did any drug, fought those deemed weaker, ignored every rule. In my time, I thought their disrespect for all things to be their greatest asset, but this is all wrong. It’s their insignificance. I couldn’t see it at such a young age and perhaps neither could they, but their lack of importance to the world around them came to define their nature. They had to act as if they…

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