Wondering what The Old Fossil writes about?

Here is where you can see what’s going on at the business end of Pearl Kirkby’s pen; her books in progress, projects and project updates, personal observations and the reasons she writes what she writes.

Pearl is a self-proclaimed, “procrastinating late-bloomer” who made the decision to self-publish. She has discovered that it’s not as easy as all that and so has also decided to share the journey, not as an expert, but as a student.

A pretty old student.

In fact, as an Old Fossil!

11 thoughts on “Home

    • More like the other way around, though, as I created my first website in 1996 and have maintained active sites & blogs ever since! Publishing books, though…DEFINITELY a late bloomer in that career and, yes, the progress is much the same…only books are scarier because there’s no editing once they’re published😕😕😧😄

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    • Danielle

      I was just about to address that on my “Updates”!

      Although I’ve been writing for just about three and a half centuries, it’s always been for my kids and my grands. Now, having reached retirement, I decided to go for publish on all these books I feel live inside me. BUT, I’ve only just started out with that…hence the not-quite-ready Orders/Pre-Orders page.

      “Mama Always Said…I Love You More!” is to be the first book published. It is but a children’s book, suitable for ages up to about 5, and is waiting only for my illustrator to complete her work on it. I had thought that I’d posted information on this and my next, “grown up”, book already, but with the horrid computer problems of the past week, a complete breakdown in communication ensued on here.

      Last night I drew up a schedule that starts with today (1 Nov.), visiting “…I Love You More!” and introductions to some books-in-progress. I’ll have the first part finished in about an hour and half (being 1pm at present)!

      But first I’ll hop over to Orders/Pre-Orders, post that it’s Pending, and de-activate that link….and thank you for bringing it to my attention!

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