Self-publishing by way of professional sites, or just zipping those bad boys out on the printer at the library…or even a book that’s been picked up by a traditional publisher (hasn’t happened yet, but one can always hope!)…here are all those projects that are underway.

  • “Folded Dreams – the Beginning” – a short story that touches on the Time/Space continuum, as it relates to one particular child. Names are withheld in this story, but as it is the prequel to “Folded Dreams – The Novel”, that peculiarity will be amended on down the road! Β (This book has been published and is available via Amazon, in print and on Kindle (see “Orders/Pre-Orders” at left nav bar), as well as Barnes&Noble, directly from Createspace and other book sellers, worldwide.
  • “Folded Dreams – The Novel” (read first draft excerpts here)(most recent, Chapters 1-7, here) – This book is the continuation of the short story. Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, Feynman’s Sum Over Histories, near-death and out-of-body experiences, as well as a hint of “visitations”, both extraterrestrial and spiritual, all play their parts in this novel. Names and new characters are revealed, which were withheld in the short story. This book is tentatively due to be published around late November/mid-December, 2016, and may be submitted to Publishizer for crowdfunding at some point.
  • “Waking Up Dead” – This is the newest of Pearl’s “books in progress” and has a definite spiritual theme, albeit approached in an irreverent manner! Β  Suppose that you have lived your life without really thinking of more than your own self-gratification, even though you may have gone through the motions of pseudo-philanthropy. Now consider your reaction if you closed your eyes in this life, but opened them in the afterlife…in other words, “woke up dead”. Based on the Bible account of Lazarus and the rich man, from the Book of Luke, this book takes a look at second (and third) chances and how easy it is to be deceived, dissuaded and wind up damned! ( Read more about “Waking Up Dead!” )

(The series, “Mama Always Said…” is a 4 book series)

  • “Mama Always Said…I love you more!” is the children’s book, for which there are 2 versions: one is for nursery age (newborn to about 4) and the second is appropriate for Pre-K through 1st grade. Both of these books, written by Pearl Kirkby, are due to be illustrated by Dixe Hedden-Sheffield.
  • “Mama Always Said…Sage old words of wisdom to live by. Sort of.” – almost every “Mama” in the world has always passed on her wisdom to her children; we know this because of the plethora of people who, when dishing out their own philosophies, will often preface their words with, “Mama always said…”! This book is a collection of advice and wisdom my own dear mother shared with us!
  • “Mama Always Said…But Daddy had a Comeback” – We always hear about what “mama always said”, but dads had their opinions, too. A lot of times theirs were a kind of good natured jibe and jab at their wives…and more times than not, were muttered under their breath, with a chuckle!
  • “Mama Always Said…but Granny said it first!” – Kind of self-explanatory, although what Granny always said was usually said just a little bit differently!

Other projects:

  • “Tomatoes & Babies…who’d have thought!” is a book made up of collected and selected sermon topics from Led by Grace Ministries. No boring topics here!
  • “More Tomatoes!” is a continuation of “Tomatoes & Babies…”, of course!
  • “Poetry, Prose and Other Stuff” – This is a collection of simple poetry and prose, and a short, short story or two, that has been written by Pearl Kirkby over the space of about 20 years. Most of the poetry was written when she was reunited with a long-lost love from 35 years previous. There is no deep, dark, “read between the lines”, poetry that is in need of interpretation in this collection. It’s strictly “WYSIWYG”: What You See Is What You Get!! Β (P.S. – the originals, written as love letters, are still in the possession of their recipient…husband, Guy Kirkby, Jr.!! Awwww πŸ™‚ !)

For ongoing updates on these project, please click on Categories: “Projects” and read on! Please do take a few seconds to vote in any polls about these projects. Your input is helpful and most welcomed!

A NOTE: Β Pearl has a Publishizer account so that others may invest in her efforts. Not all of her books will need backing, but there are a few which, due to the special illustrations needed (like her children’s books), or because of their length (for editing) could use the services of a professional. Crowdfunding through Publishizer fits those needs.

If any of Pearl’s projects strike a chord in you and you would like to help her fund the publishing, editing and illustration costs of her books, please consider supporting her through Publishizer.

Thanks for visiting the Old Fossil’s Projects pages!

(The URL for each individual project page will be posted here as they are published, and/or as their submission to Publishizer is accepted.)

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