I love you guys to the moon!!

My progress this week is overwhelming! Just since Friday, I’ve organized my notes, collected about half my scattered post-its and transcribed them into the proper notebooks, nearly caught up on my emails, caught up on social media (except Facebook, which I’m still locked out of) and completed 3 chapters of my novel (it would prob’ly be 6 or 7 if I wasn’t so keen on editing as I go😕)!

And believe it or not, it’s mostly due to The Old Fossil Writes…I really love you guys!!!

The last seven days of August are extra hard for me, as you know, what with Mama’s birthday and…well…you know. The kind comments and emails, listening as I vent and reminisce…it just fills my heart.

We don’t know each other except through the ‘interwebz’ and we all have busy lives…and yet we’re a pretty close community. At least I think so.

If I had a thousand dollars to spare I’d send each one of you the best “Thank you!” card that Hallmark has to offer, because I “…care enough to send the very best”!

But I don’t have that luxury, so I’ll just say it again: “I LOVE YOU GUYS TO THE MOON!!”

Other than that, I can offer you a chance to win a print copy of my book😁

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Folded Dreams

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