Ta Dahhh!! The Old Fossil is Celebrating 1 Year with WordPress!

Yeah. I'm cool like that, too :)

             Yeah. I’m cool like that, too 🙂

It’s The Old Fossil’s 1-Year Anniversary on WordPress!!


Folded Dreams: Ever evolving. And now gerontology?

Folded Dreams - ever evolving...

Folded Dreams – ever evolving…

This novel of mine, Folded Dreams, seems to be ever evolving; the story brushes up against so many sciences (even though I may take a good bit of poetic license, there!)…and now every one of my characters have suggested that the science of gerontology must be included!

” Gerontology is the study of the social, psychological, cognitive, and biological aspects of aging.” (Thank you, Wikipedia!)

Because of the nature of the story, what with all the bouncing around through time (whether through memories, dreams, ‘in the spirit’ or…otherwise), most of the characters in Folded Dreams will, at some juncture, experience old age. There are numerous interactions between the characters, during the varying stages of old age, and even some with ancient ancestors.

Thomas’ mother (neither she nor his father have yet been introduced, by the way…see upcoming post, “Folded Dreams: Cast of Characters”) whispered to me the other day, from somewhere behind and beyond my left shoulder, that without understanding how old age might affect an individual, and therefore how the subtle (or not so subtle) related nuances may exhibit, the reader may not be able to put himself into the mindset to grasp the relevance of a scene…for instance, some old fossils are cranky and some are mellow, some patient and some are quite intolerably impatient.

Bear in mind that I have no desire to even co-author a textbook, so, as with the other sciences referenced in the Folded Dreams novel, explanations, definitions and examples will be scattered throughout the dialogues, ‘travel’ sequences and background chatter.

I’m still hoping to have Folded Dreams ready to publish by December 2016, but I declare, these characters need to give me a break! If all of this evolving and additions of subjects like gerontology, of all things, keeps up, it won’t be ready until I’m old enough to be listed as an ancient ancestor!

Explanations & Clues – or – “When a story is just plain weird!”

"What to do, what to dooo??!!"

“What to do, what to dooo??!!”

You open the book and start reading. The Prologue intrigues enough for you to continue on to the first chapter, which is deliciously strange…but then it gets just plain weird. Is there a way to prepare the reader for this eventuality? Should the reader even be forewarned?

“Well, this can’t be right…did I miss something?” you ask yourself whilst simultaneously scratching your head and stroking your beard.

(hey, don’t chuckle…even some of us old fossil females have a beard – mine is quite luxurious! Ever noticed that, in any of my photos, you never see my chin clearly?!😮😄)

Back to the subject: “when a story is just plain weird”

I reference, of course, my books – “Folded Dreams…”, both ‘- the Beginning’ and the upcoming novel. I suppose the best way to explain my dilemma would be to borrow a quote from Anne at Inked Brownies, when she reviewed “Folded Dreams – the Beginning”, in which she said:

“Just when you think Folded Dreams is also all about a girl with supernatural powers (which it seems like during the first few chapters), it isn’t really. Not in the conventional sense, at least.

What this story is really about is life, and death not being the end of it.”

Fair warning, yes?

Fortunately, Folded Dreams – the Beginning is a very, very short book and, while the ending may yet insure a “Wha’ whaaat!😮” reaction, there is little risk of becoming frustrated while trying to figure it out.

With the novel…and especially if the reader has not visited the first book (although I’m trying very hard to make the novel suitable as a stand-alone)…it will not be such a simple thing. The novel is not a ‘light read’.

So, what to do with a story that’s just plain weird? Should I provide a hint of explanation? A few hidden clues?

Oh! wait a minute…ooookay…now I get why editors are so important!

So…nezzer mind…forget i mentioned it!

Save $150 and a week – quick how-to format a CreateSpace book interior yourself

(I got this template to try for my test submission of “Folded Dreams”, the novel. We’ll see how it works!)

Ana Spoke, author

When I published Shizzle, Inc last year, I paid somebody to format the PDF interior layout. It cost me about $150 and a week of back-and-forth with a reputable company, that did a good job. Eventually. The problem is, now I have to pay them again because I have had the book re-edited by an American editor. And again if I want to change a single comma – they did it on a Mac, and even though they were nice enough to provide the Word file, it looks like garbage when I open it on my PC.

In case you’ve never had to deal with an interior file and don’t know what it is – it’s a PDF of your book, laid out exactly the way your book will look, from the first page to the last. It includes the title page, page numbers, book name and your name at the…

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Time to Focus: Projects, Dedicated Pages, Links, Polls…Theme Change?


“The Old Fossil Writes” is scattered. The theme, while I really like it, doesn’t really do justice to what I wanted for this blog. I think it’s time to focus. Time to figure out how to organize it into a more cohesive, dedicated site. It’s about time for a change. Soon.

This is my author blog. It should have information, not only about me, as an author, and my books, but also about fellow authors and their books, links to their sites, and to recognize the book bloggers who have been kind enough to review my and my author friends’ books. I look at other authors’ blog sites and see where the Old Fossil needs to improve.

And I will. Mama always said that you learn something new every day. I intend to prove her right.

So yes, it’s time to focus and make a change…from theme to content; make it easier to keep up with my projects and updates and help make my friends’ books and sites easy to find via a ‘Links’ page. It’s time to take steps away from “personal blog” to working on my professionalism. After all, writing may be my passion, but it’s also my job.