Folded Dreams: Ever evolving. And now gerontology?

Folded Dreams - ever evolving...

Folded Dreams – ever evolving…

This novel of mine, Folded Dreams, seems to be ever evolving; the story brushes up against so many sciences (even though I may take a good bit of poetic license, there!)…and now every one of my characters have suggested that the science of gerontology must be included!

” Gerontology is the study of the social, psychological, cognitive, and biological aspects of aging.” (Thank you, Wikipedia!)

Because of the nature of the story, what with all the bouncing around through time (whether through memories, dreams, ‘in the spirit’ or…otherwise), most of the characters in Folded Dreams will, at some juncture, experience old age. There are numerous interactions between the characters, during the varying stages of old age, and even some with ancient ancestors.

Thomas’ mother (neither she nor his father have yet been introduced, by the way…see upcoming post, “Folded Dreams: Cast of Characters”) whispered to me the other day, from somewhere behind and beyond my left shoulder, that without understanding how old age might affect an individual, and therefore how the subtle (or not so subtle) related nuances may exhibit, the reader may not be able to put himself into the mindset to grasp the relevance of a scene…for instance, some old fossils are cranky and some are mellow, some patient and some are quite intolerably impatient.

Bear in mind that I have no desire to even co-author a textbook, so, as with the other sciences referenced in the Folded Dreams novel, explanations, definitions and examples will be scattered throughout the dialogues, ‘travel’ sequences and background chatter.

I’m still hoping to have Folded Dreams ready to publish by December 2016, but I declare, these characters need to give me a break! If all of this evolving and additions of subjects like gerontology, of all things, keeps up, it won’t be ready until I’m old enough to be listed as an ancient ancestor!


Now reading: “In Times Like These” by Nathan Van Coops



Go to Amazon to get one at a time or buy the boxed set!

I finally started reading In Times Like These, by Nathan Van Coops!

This book is shaping up to be a wonderful story on time travel, with the rift brought on by a bolt of blue lightening striking in the vicinity of a baseball field.

That’s the bare-bones summary of how this story begins.

Although I’m only just now into the fourth chapter of In Times Like These, I find that it is a wonderful combination of real life, flights of imagination and science.

The travel back through time at once answers one of the deepest desires of the human heart – to have a second chance to know and say goodbye to loved ones…or perhaps it’s only me, wishing I could meet the maternal grandfather I never knew, and wishing I could have said goodbye to all four of my grandparents, and all of the aunts, uncles and friends I’ve lost through the years. Either way, Robbie, one of the five friends caught up in the rift, met the grandfather he’d lost as a child, and had the enviable opportunity to know him as a man.

So far, the science behind time travel that Mr. Van Coops gives is just limited enough…with just enough poetic license taken…that the story is not so fantastic as to discount realistic dreams of following in the footsteps of our time travelling protagonists.

Just wanted to put that out there.

Why’s & Wherefore’s – or – “What’s with all the shared physics posts?”


The worst reviews I’ve received, so far, on Folded Dreams – the Beginning, my little debut book published last year, were still pretty well excellent (no less than 4-stars on Amazon, Goodreads and several blog sites), with the only complaint being that it was just too short and left the reader wanting much more of the why’s, who’s and wherefore’s.

“Folded Dreams” is, of course, the follow up novel based on that book (metaphysical/science fiction); it not only expands on the characters and their backstories, but also expounds on those why’s and wherefore’s of the story as related to the broad science of physics. Hence the name, “Folded Dreams”, which is a direct reference to the scientific concept of folding time and space.


It is my goal with the novel to keep the really deliciously, shuddery thrill of the first book and turn the story into something that, as the reader is experiencing it vicariously and becoming any one of the characters, they find that they believe it, as deeply as they would were it non-fiction!

I have conducted a lot of (amateur) research into a sect of science that has always fascinated me but is, even so, beyond my non-scientific mind to completely grasp:

Physics, in all of its glory.

“Study hard what interests you the most in the most undisciplined, irreverent and original manner possible.”

– Richard P Feynman

By combining that subject with forays into philosophy and the metaphysical sciences, I’m hoping that my goal will eventually be met. Sharing external posts which are relevant to the storyline will also, I hope, help the reader to be able to read it with understanding. It is for this reason that I share all those physics, spirituality and metaphysical posts which make up some of my online research.


There will be accurate references to the sciences, of course, but Folded Dreams is, after all, a work of fiction…a story, not a textbook…and so there will be poetic license will be taken.

I’m hoping that by the time Folded Dreams, the novel is ready for publish, I will have left enough hints and clues to capture the interest of, at least hundreds of readers!

As always, I’m open to questions here, on The Old Fossil Writes, and on my Goodreads Author and Amazon Author pages.




We are conceived. We are born. We live…then we die.


This seems to be an established fact. But is it? What are facts, but once-upon-a-time theories. ‘The world is flat”. That was a ‘fact’, too, until someone proved differently. ‘The sun travels across the sky as it orbits the earth’…another ‘fact’, until it was proven otherwise.

It really didn’t take all that long for mankind to realize that much of what he believed about life was based on theory, rather than ‘fact’. And science is proving, or disproving, facts and theories every single day.

So why is it so difficult to believe that the only things we “know” about Time, might, as yet, simply be accepted theory?

Stories about time and space, whether as a fantasy, or as related in a textbook as an example, have always fascinated me. But when you combine time, space, myth, faith-based belief, fantasy AND physics into one story…now, that’s the stuff of a good book…if, of course, that’s a genre that interests you.

In “Folded Dreams” (the follow-up novel to ‘Folded Dreams – the Beginning’), all of these elements (plus a bit of theory regarding the neurological aspects of the brain’s potential) are represented…with a lot of poetic license taken…(ahem…) hence, the designation of ‘fiction’.

In this book, an inter-changeability of time and space, the wide ranging beliefs regarding the spirit, its origin and state of “be-ing”, seemingly…and actual…paranormal and extraterrestrial visitations, ‘claire’ gifts, and out-of-body/near-death experiences, all come together to form a really good reading experience, or so I’ve been told (honestly, even I like it, and I’m my own worst critic!).

Folded Dreams, the Novel – 2 New Chapters, on Goodreads

Five chapters to the “Folded Dreams” novel, are now available to read on Goodreads! I hope you will read and enjoy them….and please, do comment. Your input really helps!


Pearl xxx

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Folded Dreams – a Novel: Chapters 1-3 (3rd draft)

From the desk of Pearl Kirkby, author...

From the desk of Pearl Kirkby, author…

Chapters 1-3 of “Folded Dreams” A Novel by Pearl Kirkby, has been posted on Goodreads . Chapters 4 – 7 will be added, one a day, until the end of the week. This constitutes the final draft of this first, 27% of the book.

These chapters are all that will be posted publicly, until the novel is launched, so any input is welcome!!