Mama always said, ” ‘Tis better to give than to receive.” (Amazon & Goodreads Giveaways!)

Yes, this is really my Mama...but this book is still a WIP!

Yes, this is really my Mama…but this book is still a WIP!

People will often hear me say, “Mama always said, […enter her wise quotable here…].” That’s because my mama, probably just like yours, was wise…like her mama before her and hers before her, etc., (x) infinity.

My kids have heard me say this all their lives, especially when I couldn’t think of an original thought to pass on when advice was required. “My mama always said…” filled the bill so well that 7 of my 10+2 children have reported that they’ve said it to their kids as well.

I miss Mama. A lot.

Well, Mama’s birthday is coming up. She would be 85 on August 27th and I wanted to do something to commemorate her day. I wracked my brain to figure out a way to share her with everyone…then I heard her say clearly in my ear:

“What did I tell you all your life?”

“That all you want is for me to behave for just one day?” I thought back at her.

“No, you nincompoop! About giving and receiving!”

“Ohhh, yeah…riiight”

“Don’t ‘yeah’ me, young lady!”

“Ohhh, riiight!” (The title of this post was the correct answer, by the way 😀)

And so a couple of Giveaways are in order:

“But wait! There’s more!!”

  • My next Goodreads Giveaway will also begin on Mama’s birthday, this coming Saturday, August 27th, when you can enter to win 1 of 10 print copies of Folded Dreams- the Beginning.(see book details and reviews here). The final drawing for that Giveaway will be held on October 20th.

I think she’d approve.

After all, Mama always said, ” ’tis better to give than to receive.”!


Tooting other authors’ horns!


It’s hard for me to blow my own horn. I suppose it’s my upbringing that prevents me from any form of braggadocio if I can help it, but that doesn’t preclude my tooting other authors’ horns!

Once I rearrange, switch out or otherwise revamp The Old Fossil Writes, the Bookshelf (if it retains that name) will, of course, have reviews that I have written, but it will also see links to reviews by other authors (- toots horn! –).

Like this one by Ralph Webster!

Like this one by Ralph Webster!

Readers, including authors, review the books they read. And authors not only sell their books, but they also participate in promotional Giveaways on Goodreads, Smashwords, Amazon and other platforms.

I promote my own…so why not give back to the readers and writers community by helping other authors to promote theirs (- “toot toot!” -)?

As I posted the other day, I visit a fair few blogs; I read them, explore them…learn from them, especially other writers’ sites. I figure that, if I’m going to borrow ideas from them for my own blog, and so many have been kind enough to share my book, then why shouldn’t I toot other authors’ horns, too?!!

“Toot toot”!!!

Just a Reminder: Preview of “Folded Dreams”…


I just wanted to post a little reminder to you all…especially those who have read “Folded Dreams – the Beginning” and mentioned wishing it was longer…I have put the first 5 chapters of Folded Dreams, the novel on Goodreads.

I think you’ll like the way it reads! I wouldn’t complain if you leave your opinion there or here😁

Enter to Win signed copy of “Folded Dreams – the Beginning”!

Beginning May 15, you can enter to win a signed copy of my book, “Folded Dreams-the Beginning”!


Goodreads Book Giveaway

Folded Dreams by Pearl Kirkby

Folded Dreams

by Pearl Kirkby

Giveaway ends June 14, 2016.

See the giveaway details
at Goodreads.

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A Bit More on Editing!

"edit! Edit!! EDIT!!!"

“edit! Edit!! EDIT!!!”

Upon being asked how college affected my writing, I replied, “That’s where I came up with my editing mantra!”

What does that mean? Well…

“edit! Edit!! EDIT!!!”

Self-Publishing Needn’t Be a Nightmare! A Few Words on Amazon and CreateSpace

Pearl Kirkby - Author_Philosopher's Nook_17 February 2013Just a short “Hi there and Welcome!” post for new visitors my blog!

I just self-published my first book, “Folded Dreams – the Beginning”, in print through CreateSpace and for Kindle, via KDP Amazon. Bear in mind of course that, as a “new author”, I haven’t any other experience by which I can compare other self-publish companies, but I can honestly give the advice to other hopeful writers that self-publishing needn’t be a nightmare, and these are but two of a plethora of self-publishing options!

I have been more than satisfied with the results from these two platforms. The print book, for which I designed the cover by myself with their Cover Creator, turned out to be quite lovely, as did the interior. I went a bit overboard, I suppose, playing the exuberant newbie! and ordered three proofs, one for each time I corrected mistakes found during the review process.

For instance, being my own worst critic, I tend to edit, Edit, EDIT before submitting anything, but in the course of converting my Word .doc to the format required to publish, they caught numerous formatting mistakes in what was supposed to be my final draft (a great learning experience there); I was also surprised to have caught even more errors in grammar, spelling, syntax and structure than I thought I had.

Whenever I had a question or concern about whether or not I was doing something correctly, it wasn’t hard to find solutions, either, as the CreateSpace “Community Forums” were also of much help during this initial foray into the world of self-publishing.

My book, “Folded Dreams – the Beginning” is only a short story and it’s a first try, so the final result was far from perfect. I forgot to add page numbers and, even after publishing (and purchasing the first print copy available!), I did find a couple more mistakes. Still, I honestly feel that, simply because they offer the review process so consistently throughout the self-publishing effort, I was able to produce a much more polished book than I might otherwise have done.

The only issue I had with CreateSpace was that, once I submitted my manuscript for Kindle conversion (before I had actually hit “Publish”), I was unable to delete and/or replace the uncorrected version. Because of this, I wound up having to go directly to KDP Amazon to create the e-book and still have the other file residing on CS. Now, it is possible that I may have missed something, but if I did, it was because any alternative was not obvious…hence, the one “complaint”.

The Kindle version (published via Amazon) is not as perfect as I would have hoped, interior-wise, but for the most part, the glitches (which seem to change each time I ‘open’ it) are not horrid. Perhaps those glitches are due to the shortcomings of my own Kindle apps, whether on my Android or on my laptop.

The biggest bit of advice that I can give to new authors who are venturing into the world of self-publishing is to pay attention to what you’re doing. I have read more complaints, mostly from people who simply did not read and follow instructions, than I can understand.

Find a place where you can work without distraction. Leave the television and radio off, disable data access on your internet enabled phone so that you’re not tempted to respond to those Facebook and Twitter notifications!! Wait til the kids are all in school or at work; or, like this Old Fossil…wait until the Old Fart hubby is down for his first nap of the day!

Self-publishing isn’t rocket science. I can say that I have had only negligible difficulties with the user-friendly characteristics of CS…and most of it was due to my own inexperience or outside distractions.

So all in all, I have found my first experience with self-publishing to be anything but nightmarish and I will likely be using CreateSpace and KDP Amazon again, for the follow-up novel to “Folded Dreams – the Beginning”.

By the way, if you’d like to purchase a copy of my book, just click on “Orders & Pre-Orders” in the left nav bar (for pc’s/laptops) or scroll down until you find that link (for cell/mobile phones, etc.). And remember, Amazon Prime members can read it for free, all the time!

Oh! And “Folded Dreams – the Beginning” will be free on Kindle this weekend, 12 December through 13 December! Please give it a read and let me know what you think…or better yet, leave a review…good, bad or indifferent, as I will benefit from all opinions. Thanks in advance!

Keep on writing!