“Where do you go for research?”

While I may be only beginning my book publishing journey, I’ve been publishing posts and articles on other blogs and websites since 1996. I retired as a content writer for my last employer’s company and his main concern was summed up thus: “Where do you go for research?”


My final employment was with a telemedical services company. The owner eventually approached me to work with his social media manager to learn to write content for our company web and blog sites. He also requested that I post original content about the subject of telemedicine on two of my own blogs.

I learned a lot working under ‘Shell (the social media coordinator). She was a brilliant teacher and mentor and not only understood exactly what content was needed, but suggested professional websites that would help insure the accuracy of my posts. Ultimately, my preferred research sites were under thimagesca94x3kne auspices of John’s Hopkins Hospital and University, the Mayo Clinic, JAMA (the Journal of the American Medical Association, NIHL (National Institute of Health Library) and the research libraries that Duke University, Princeton, Harvard, Yale and Oxford make available to the general public.

When I began to evolve my book, Folded Dreams – the Beginning, into novel form, I made full use of the experiences I’ve had with these online resources. Beyond having used these resources for research on previous site content, however, I have learned a good bit more about using my favourite search engine, Google, to research such subjects as physics, theology and religion, neurology, psychology and history (both social and geographical). And of course, I still research the old school way.

Go old school: read a book!

        Go old school: read a book!

From the results of my searches, I have come in contact with writers and authors, individuals who are experienced in the publishing world, whether as lay or professional persons, physics professors and students, clerics – including priests, rabbi’s and teachers of eastern mystical religions – and a number of other writer’s resource materials.

When I have completed Folded Dreams, the novel, rest assured that, while what is written may not be factual, it is done so purposefully. It is, as I have many times stated, a work of fiction after all.

I hope this post as to where I go for research helps those who are not yet familiar with my work, whether as an author or a site administrator/content writer, to understand that I take authorship very, very seriously. Let it not be said that amateurs can be spotted a mile away!

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Why’s & Wherefore’s – or – “What’s with all the shared physics posts?”


The worst reviews I’ve received, so far, on Folded Dreams – the Beginning, my little debut book published last year, were still pretty well excellent (no less than 4-stars on Amazon, Goodreads and several blog sites), with the only complaint being that it was just too short and left the reader wanting much more of the why’s, who’s and wherefore’s.

“Folded Dreams” is, of course, the follow up novel based on that book (metaphysical/science fiction); it not only expands on the characters and their backstories, but also expounds on those why’s and wherefore’s of the story as related to the broad science of physics. Hence the name, “Folded Dreams”, which is a direct reference to the scientific concept of folding time and space.


It is my goal with the novel to keep the really deliciously, shuddery thrill of the first book and turn the story into something that, as the reader is experiencing it vicariously and becoming any one of the characters, they find that they believe it, as deeply as they would were it non-fiction!

I have conducted a lot of (amateur) research into a sect of science that has always fascinated me but is, even so, beyond my non-scientific mind to completely grasp:

Physics, in all of its glory.

“Study hard what interests you the most in the most undisciplined, irreverent and original manner possible.”

– Richard P Feynman

By combining that subject with forays into philosophy and the metaphysical sciences, I’m hoping that my goal will eventually be met. Sharing external posts which are relevant to the storyline will also, I hope, help the reader to be able to read it with understanding. It is for this reason that I share all those physics, spirituality and metaphysical posts which make up some of my online research.


There will be accurate references to the sciences, of course, but Folded Dreams is, after all, a work of fiction…a story, not a textbook…and so there will be poetic license will be taken.

I’m hoping that by the time Folded Dreams, the novel is ready for publish, I will have left enough hints and clues to capture the interest of, at least hundreds of readers!

As always, I’m open to questions here, on The Old Fossil Writes, and on my Goodreads Author and Amazon Author pages.


Storms of Life_HolidayFL_Copyright2016-07-12-MDPullenClapper

Life can bring one storm after another, accompanied by both destruction and newness. But storms, in and of themselves, are neither destructive, nor creative…it is, rather, the way they are viewed by man, that dictates such perceptions.

Storms are, by their very nature, a study in ambiguity and contrast.

Where trees may be uprooted, waters erode and hail beats down, there behind it comes new growth. Even the destruction of homes by hurricane, tornado or flood, is followed by rebuilding…and usually the new construction is improved over the old so that it may withstand future storms.

Life’s storms, in the form of ill health, consequences of poor choices, divorce or death, is very much like Nature’s version…in both destruction and new construction.

Illness feels horrid. We can either remain sick and give up, or we can discover the cause for it and either treat it if it can be, or learn the work-arounds. We can make our mistakes and whine about the consequences, or learn how to avoid a repetition from them.

When the storms in our hearts are the result of death, we can lose ourselves in sorrow, anger and bitterness…or we can learn to appreciate the life that we yet have…and hope in, what some call superstition, but what many of us know as Hope and Faith.

There is so much that mankind is still ignorant of, with regards to the “is that all there is?” of life. Life is…and storms are…energy, and energy cannot be destroyed. This is a fact of physics.

Let us reroute our energies when the storms of life assault us. Let us acknowledge the destructive forces as merely a part of birth or rebirth. After all, if not for the destructive forces of nature, the very soil that supports life on earth would not exist.

Just sayin’.