The Old Fossil’s Library now has a page of its own!!

The other half of the Old Fossil's library...without the old cat!

The other half of the Old Fossil’s library…without the old cat!

After about 11 hours, I finally figured out what to do about adding a library to The Old Fossil Writes as a separate entity. I debated on whether or not just to categorize each review and be done with it, but instead, I’ve given it a page of its own – an external page!

Well, the Old Fossil’s Library is now open! It’s empty yet, but for a couple of introductory pages and the cover image of the first book I’ll be reviewing, but it’s open!

Since the Old Fossil’s library has its own page, you’ll have to click the link above until I create a linked page over there on the left nav bar, like I finally did for Orders and Pre-Orders!  Let me know what you think! The End.