Betrayed by Eyeballs 😵


Eyeballs are pretty much a necessity to me…especially for their ability to see. Don’t get me wrong – I am well aware that there are many people whose eyeballs do not function and not a day goes by anymore that I don’t pray that I will be able to develop their skills if my eyeballs continue to degrade and betray me.


About a year ago I started seeing ‘chains’ at the outer circle of my vision. From there I’ve developed ‘leopard spots’ and intermittent grey, blank spots, mostly when my eyeballs are hit directly with light. Sun, sitting under a lamp where the bare bulb is not hidden by the shade…a bright internet page – it makes no difference what lumens, my eyeballs rebel.


That’s why I’ve not been online lately, except after days of protecting my eyeballs, and then for only a few minutes. Still unsure the exact cause because I’ve not sorted medical insurance yet – so I ask for a few good thoughts and prayers for my poor eyeballs, if you would be so kind, that they won’t completely betray me – well, at least til I’m finished with Folded Dreams. After that, I’ll be happy to start practicing alternative methods of writing and finishing my other books!


Have Credit Card, Will Travel! or “My Kindle is KILLING Me!”

OM217eboK! (that's "Oh my 217 ebooks on Kindle!" in the Common Tongue!)

OM217eboK! (that’s “Oh my 217 ebooks on Kindle!” in the Common Tongue!)

Let’s face it: I love books. I just have a passion for the written word, whether it’s between the covers of a paper-back, hard-back or the keyboard and lid of my laptop. I also have a credit card. And the internet. And an Amazon account. And a Kindle Reader. And that’s what I mean when I say “My Kindle Is KILLING Me!”


I now have 217 books waiting to be read.

That is all.



Six books…two days…seven-no-eight reviews (finally finished the review on Danielle Esplin’s novel, “Give It Back”…so complex…really difficult!).

Let’s be clear: I love to read. That’s (all caps, italicized and bold) LOVE to read! And when I start, you don’t want to interrupt me. I get angry when someone interrupts me while I’m reading.

And you wouldn’t like me when I’m angry.

I throw things. Sometimes I throw people. Or cars. Or tantrums.

So when I start to read, I read a lot of books. Which is cool. But I get so involved in reading all those books, that I forget I should write reviews. Which is not cool.

This weekend, I’m definitely #NotWriting (at least not on my novel!).

Just sayin’.

(…back to my reviews~n~books, books~n~reviews.) The End.