Promo Plans: Amazon, Goodreads annnd…

Marketing matters. Hence, I’d better start cracking down on my education in such things, beyond the basic promo and marketing tools offered on Amazon for Kindle.

Speaking of which, as of tomorrow (Thursday), the “Free Book Promo” for the Kindle version of Folded Dreams – the Beginning is extended to Saturday, April 23.

Thanks to AC and DEK for the invaluable suggestions on various marketing and promotional ideas…I’ve been keeping notes and am in the process of adding a ‘Promo Plans’ folder to my “Books in Progress” files!

And here’s where I announce my first foray (from the giving end) into the Goodreads Giveaway community!

Since my first entry submission to win a free book from a Goodreads author, I’ve received 2 books. It’s fun to win stuff…make the prize a book and now that fun is doubled!

Sooo, my first Goodreads Giveaway will be scheduled for May. 3 signed copies of Folded Dreams – the Beginning will be distributed. Let’s see how that goes!