Missing Mama…

Mama at 17...

Mama at 17…

I looked up to Mama all of my life. I’m missing her dreadfully today.

Mama had the biggest heart in the world – as a matter of fact, if she had ever grown as big as her heart, she would have needed a telescope to see down onto the peak of the tallest mountain in the world.

Instead, she had to wear that heart in a tiny, 5′ tall frame.

Mama also had a temper, and when someone pulled at her last nerve (usually me, methinks!), she was HUGE!!

Have you ever watched the old Walt Disney cartoon musical, “Fantasia”? There’s a part where Micky Mouse, as the wizard’s apprentice, tries his hand at using the wizard’s magic wand to cut corners whilst cleaning…with disastrous results.

The wizard is not impressed when he comes upon the destruction Micky has wrought.

He grows in height and his eyes…oooo’! His eyes turn huge and black, his eyebrows thicken, rise up to the top of his forehead and join together in a massive, black “M” and he turns into a roiling, crashing waves, bolts of lightening, thunderous, storm of a wizard!

That was Mama when she finally succumbed to anger. Scary. No. Terrifying. The woman didn’t have to raise a hand to put the fear of God into you, if you were the unfortunate fool in her sights.

She was glorious!!

Mama never cussed. The strongest words she had were:

  • “What the Sam Hill?!!”
  • “I’ll be John Brown!”
  • “Don’t make me come over there!”
  • “I do declare!”
  • Heck
  • Darn
  • Doggone and
  • (no words, just ‘that look’)!

But even though these were the words she spoke, what you heard, if you were the cause of her angst, would turn the air blue! The feeling and passion in her always came out in her words (and demeanor!).

It was that same passion of expression that made Mama the best storyteller imaginable…and what made me the way I am with words.

Mama loved words. I love words.

Today is her birthday. She would be 85.

I’m missing you with all my heart, Mama. Happy birthday. And thank you.

Mama at 69...still giggling after all those years...

Mama at 69…still giggling after all those years…

Mama always said, ” ‘Tis better to give than to receive.” (Amazon & Goodreads Giveaways!)

Yes, this is really my Mama...but this book is still a WIP!

Yes, this is really my Mama…but this book is still a WIP!

People will often hear me say, “Mama always said, […enter her wise quotable here…].” That’s because my mama, probably just like yours, was wise…like her mama before her and hers before her, etc., (x) infinity.

My kids have heard me say this all their lives, especially when I couldn’t think of an original thought to pass on when advice was required. “My mama always said…” filled the bill so well that 7 of my 10+2 children have reported that they’ve said it to their kids as well.

I miss Mama. A lot.

Well, Mama’s birthday is coming up. She would be 85 on August 27th and I wanted to do something to commemorate her day. I wracked my brain to figure out a way to share her with everyone…then I heard her say clearly in my ear:

“What did I tell you all your life?”

“That all you want is for me to behave for just one day?” I thought back at her.

“No, you nincompoop! About giving and receiving!”

“Ohhh, yeah…riiight”

“Don’t ‘yeah’ me, young lady!”

“Ohhh, riiight!” (The title of this post was the correct answer, by the way πŸ˜€)

And so a couple of Giveaways are in order:

“But wait! There’s more!!”

  • My next Goodreads Giveaway will also begin on Mama’s birthday, this coming Saturday, August 27th, when you can enter to win 1 of 10 print copies of Folded Dreams- the Beginning.(see book details and reviews here). The final drawing for that Giveaway will be held on October 20th.

I think she’d approve.

After all, Mama always said, ” ’tis better to give than to receive.”!