Will you guys PLEASE just STOP, already???!!!

Okay, enough is enough! I’ve not written a word in the past week and a half and it’s all your faults! I mean, what with the poetry, the prose, the short stories…THE NOVELS (like my most most recent full read, “A Smile in One Eye…” by Ralph Webster)…and the book reviews, my poor little Folded Dreams novel has gone to hell in a handbasket…SO WILL YOU GUYS ALL JUST PLEASE STOP ALREADY???!!!

You know who you are 😡

Yeah...these. Wanna see? Click!

Yeah…these. Wanna see? Click!


JK Rowling put out 3 – count ’em – three – new little books, after she and her cohorts had the audacity to distract me with The Cursed Child. I bought them. Of course. And read them, one right after the other. Of course.



And then…and then…I discovered a JK approved series, written by a guy named G. Norman Lippert, called – get this – The James Potter Series, based on the wonderful wizarding world of magic created by Ms. Rowling. Not only that, but to make matters worse, the ebooks are free!!

Are you freaking kidding me???

I downloaded the lot – all four books – last night.

Of course.

And have read one and a half already.

Of course.

AND he writes other good stuff, too. Of course. So…

…I bought two of his other books.

You got it……..Of course.

And then there’s Roger Moore (no, not the 007, “My name is Bond; James Bond” version; this one is a freaking awesome author and poet), whose work is inescapable for me, because it hits me where I live. So I spend a lot of time on his site.

And my Kindle.

And the umpteen book review blogs I follow.

And then follow up with all the relaxing blogs I follow, just to try to get back in touch with my muse.

Who seems to be on holiday.

Of course.

So at the risk of ree-duhhn-dense-ee…

Will all you guys please just stop, already – like, how about YOU all go on vacation for awhile and let me get some work done!!