Bookshelf – or – #AmReading, when #AmWriting not!!


Tonight I will begin my Bookshelf list of those times when my #AmWriting has switched to #AmReading (didja see my little nod to Yoda, there in the title? – – – well, thought it was cutesy anyway 😭😝)

I’ll probably start with the books I’ve reviewed on the Amazons, which should fill at least a 3/bpw self-imposed quota. Then again, maybe I’ll just start at the bottom of my GINORMOUS Kindle library! Meh…we’ll see what happens😁

I just wish I could figure out how to make that drop-down menu everyone has, or at least ‘file’ them on a “Bookshelf” page. Oh well, as long as what I #AmReading doesn’t show under the category of what I #AmWriting, I should be good to go, right?!