Don’t have a Kindle? Want one? Just sayin’.

Get a Free Kindle Reader from Amazon...Click!

Get a Free Kindle Reader from Amazon…Click!

It took me ages before I could read any ebooks until I realized that my phone had the built-in capability through Google PlayStore. It was nice to have access to all the classics that were free, and to find that I could even download some newer books, thanks to the credits I earned on Google Opinion Rewards. But I still couldn’t read any of the wonderful books I saw available for Amazon Kindle.

I was a sad camper. 😦

About a year ago, as I was browsing through Google PlayStore, I ran across a mobile app for Kindle – as Mama used to shout, “Oh JOY in the mornin’!” I downloaded it to my phone and that’s when I developed my OCDoK (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder of Kindle!), and the race to fill my library was on. I was a Reading Fiend once more!

Until I started having serious trouble with my eyes which, of course, can be a horrifying experience for a writer, much less an avid reader. Squinting at that tiny little cell phone screen was not helping matters one whit. Not only did my eyes burn, but I developed what can only be called leopard spots all over my field of vision. For days, and sometimes weeks, not only reading, but even typing for my blog on my phone was painful at best, impossible at worst…and I couldn’t even see to check what I typed on my computer for my book. Plus, I missed reading.

One day, my son brought my grandson to stay with me for the weekend; he had gotten the boy a new Android tablet with a nice 9″ (+/-) screen, which he let Christian bring with him. My son activated my phone’s hot-spot so that I was able to go online and catch up on Old Fossil Writes and even check my KDP account to see if anyone had bought my book (boy, was that disappointing!). It was then that I noticed a link on Amazon that read, “Download Free Kindle reader app for your p.c.”!

I meant it in every respectful way when I yelled, “Holy Mary, mother of God, thank you Jesus, go tell it on the mountain! I gets to get me a KINDLE!!”

Now, I know (being an old fossil and whatnot) that I was a bit late to the party when I discovered this amazing thing, but I was completely surprised to learn that even one of my 30-something daughters-in-law had no clue that a Kindle Reader app was available, either!

Just in case I’m not the only sad-sack old fossil who didn’t know, Amazon does, indeed, offer Kindle reading apps, not only for mobile use, but for pc’s/laptops as well. There’s the actual app that you can download, and there’s the Kindle Cloud Reader, which you just access online (no storage for offline reading).

If you’re as surprised as I was, and if you want one, you can either ‘Click the pic!’ above, or the link there on the left nav bar, or you can download the Kindle Reader app here! I mean, if you’re not embarrassed to admit that you were as clueless as me!

Just sayin’.


The Old Fossil’s Library is at 99%!

The Old Fossil's!

The Old Fossil’s Library…click!

Well, even though I can’t seem to figure out how to configure this “Hero” theme to show the call outs, my new “Old Fossil’s Library” is 99% complete, and what a job it was!

I’ve used only three themes amongst my four web/blog sites, and I have been quite happy with them, but for my Author sites, I wanted something a bit different. There are so many themes from which to choose, you know? But, having visited a myriad of Author sites, Book Reviewer and other book based blogs, I got a pretty good idea about what I was looking for…and the Hero theme seemed to fill the bill.

Anyway, I’ve put up a couple of reviews, now…including a “Free on Amazon Kindle” book promo (not ‘free on Kindle Unlimited”, because those are always free…why tell people something they already know?!). I don’t know how long these books will be free of charge, so don’t wait, if you want one!

I’m also going to discuss, or feature, some of the great poetry and short stories that I find on various blogs and on Goodreads (with their author’s permissions, of course). There are a few blogs that I follow because they’re just the ticket when I need a little distracting break from writing, and I’d rather feature than only share. I will share anyway, notwithstanding, just because sometimes it’s more visible for the creators that way.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy visiting The Old Fossil’s Library. Just remember, “Shhh…it’s a library”, and don’t spill your cuppa on the books!

Bookshelf – or – #AmReading, when #AmWriting not!!


Tonight I will begin my Bookshelf list of those times when my #AmWriting has switched to #AmReading (didja see my little nod to Yoda, there in the title? – – – well, thought it was cutesy anyway 😭😝)

I’ll probably start with the books I’ve reviewed on the Amazons, which should fill at least a 3/bpw self-imposed quota. Then again, maybe I’ll just start at the bottom of my GINORMOUS Kindle library! Meh…we’ll see what happens😁

I just wish I could figure out how to make that drop-down menu everyone has, or at least ‘file’ them on a “Bookshelf” page. Oh well, as long as what I #AmReading doesn’t show under the category of what I #AmWriting, I should be good to go, right?!

Have Credit Card, Will Travel! or “My Kindle is KILLING Me!”

OM217eboK! (that's "Oh my 217 ebooks on Kindle!" in the Common Tongue!)

OM217eboK! (that’s “Oh my 217 ebooks on Kindle!” in the Common Tongue!)

Let’s face it: I love books. I just have a passion for the written word, whether it’s between the covers of a paper-back, hard-back or the keyboard and lid of my laptop. I also have a credit card. And the internet. And an Amazon account. And a Kindle Reader. And that’s what I mean when I say “My Kindle Is KILLING Me!”


I now have 217 books waiting to be read.

That is all.

One day only on Amazon: Free eBook “Folded Dreams-the Beginning”

Today would have been Mama’s 85th birthday. If she was still with us, I would have created a hard cover, one-of-a-kind, 24K gold embossed, special edition of my very first book, Folded Dreams-the Beginning just for her.

But she isn’t here, except in spirit, so I thought it would be nice to give the Kindle version of that book to everyone**, FREE, for one day only (beginning midnight tonight EST Saturday, 27 August – midnight EST Sunday, 28 August), in her name.

I think it would make her smile.

Happy Birthday, Mama…

From Mama to you: "Folded Dreams - the Beginning", Free On Kindle Today Only, on Amazon!

From The Old Fossil’s Mama to you: “Folded Dreams – the Beginning”, Free On Kindle, Today Only, on Amazon! (click!)

** I believe this free book promo is available in the US only…sorry 😦  (If UK readers find that they are indeed also included, please let me know here on The Old Fossil Writes – – – Thank you!)

Mama always said, ” ‘Tis better to give than to receive.” (Amazon & Goodreads Giveaways!)

Yes, this is really my Mama...but this book is still a WIP!

Yes, this is really my Mama…but this book is still a WIP!

People will often hear me say, “Mama always said, […enter her wise quotable here…].” That’s because my mama, probably just like yours, was wise…like her mama before her and hers before her, etc., (x) infinity.

My kids have heard me say this all their lives, especially when I couldn’t think of an original thought to pass on when advice was required. “My mama always said…” filled the bill so well that 7 of my 10+2 children have reported that they’ve said it to their kids as well.

I miss Mama. A lot.

Well, Mama’s birthday is coming up. She would be 85 on August 27th and I wanted to do something to commemorate her day. I wracked my brain to figure out a way to share her with everyone…then I heard her say clearly in my ear:

“What did I tell you all your life?”

“That all you want is for me to behave for just one day?” I thought back at her.

“No, you nincompoop! About giving and receiving!”

“Ohhh, yeah…riiight”

“Don’t ‘yeah’ me, young lady!”

“Ohhh, riiight!” (The title of this post was the correct answer, by the way 😀)

And so a couple of Giveaways are in order:

“But wait! There’s more!!”

  • My next Goodreads Giveaway will also begin on Mama’s birthday, this coming Saturday, August 27th, when you can enter to win 1 of 10 print copies of Folded Dreams- the Beginning.(see book details and reviews here). The final drawing for that Giveaway will be held on October 20th.

I think she’d approve.

After all, Mama always said, ” ’tis better to give than to receive.”!