“Where do you go for research?”

While I may be only beginning my book publishing journey, I’ve been publishing posts and articles on other blogs and websites since 1996. I retired as a content writer for my last employer’s company and his main concern was summed up thus: “Where do you go for research?”


My final employment was with a telemedical services company. The owner eventually approached me to work with his social media manager to learn to write content for our company web and blog sites. He also requested that I post original content about the subject of telemedicine on two of my own blogs.

I learned a lot working under ‘Shell (the social media coordinator). She was a brilliant teacher and mentor and not only understood exactly what content was needed, but suggested professional websites that would help insure the accuracy of my posts. Ultimately, my preferred research sites were under thimagesca94x3kne auspices of John’s Hopkins Hospital and University, the Mayo Clinic, JAMA (the Journal of the American Medical Association, NIHL (National Institute of Health Library) and the research libraries that Duke University, Princeton, Harvard, Yale and Oxford make available to the general public.

When I began to evolve my book, Folded Dreams – the Beginning, into novel form, I made full use of the experiences I’ve had with these online resources. Beyond having used these resources for research on previous site content, however, I have learned a good bit more about using my favourite search engine, Google, to research such subjects as physics, theology and religion, neurology, psychology and history (both social and geographical). And of course, I still research the old school way.

Go old school: read a book!

        Go old school: read a book!

From the results of my searches, I have come in contact with writers and authors, individuals who are experienced in the publishing world, whether as lay or professional persons, physics professors and students, clerics – including priests, rabbi’s and teachers of eastern mystical religions – and a number of other writer’s resource materials.

When I have completed Folded Dreams, the novel, rest assured that, while what is written may not be factual, it is done so purposefully. It is, as I have many times stated, a work of fiction after all.

I hope this post as to where I go for research helps those who are not yet familiar with my work, whether as an author or a site administrator/content writer, to understand that I take authorship very, very seriously. Let it not be said that amateurs can be spotted a mile away!

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Oh no! Mold! MOLD in my house! Enter: Hammacher Schlemmer.

(don't you hate it when that sneeze takes its own sweet time to get here?!)

(don’t you hate it when that sneeze takes its own sweet time to get here?!)

I have a horrid  sinus condition that keeps giving me headaches and sneezies up the wazoo. I was at my wit’s end last night, after a 13 sneeze  event, until I happened to spy, with my little eye, a black fuzzy on my living room wall, near the floor. Placing my reading glasses on the end of my nose, I took a closer look and, OMGawd! it was mold! I have MOLD IN MY HOUSE!!

It’s time to break out the hydrogen peroxide and chlorine and start scrubbing, search the shed for that old can of Kilz paint and start looking for an air purifier thingy to try and filter all those stray MOLD spores that are surely floating around my house, sticking up their little MOLDy middle fingers up at me as I try to catch them by waving my Hepa Filtered vacuum cleaner hose around in the air.

I’d been working on my novel-in-progress and the fact that I had given the family a dehumidifier (the mother considers whether or not this might be the reason for her little girl’s health condition, btw…) slapped me up ‘side my head, so I thought, “hmmm…air cleaner! GOOGLE!!”

As I was Googling for air cleaners and/or dehumidifiers that will catch the tiniest size of MOLD spores, I came across a store that I haven’t checked out in about 10 years: Hammacher Schlemmer. Twenty-four years ago, they offered one of the first “call monitor” machines for personal use. It went beyond being an answering machine. It had the capability of saving data (phone numbers and names) which, if it “recognized” the number, would allow the phone to “ring through”. Otherwise, the number was stored and the caller would get a generic “I’ll call you back as soon as possible” message. No need for the caller to leave his/her number. Go ahead and hang up. I purchased it.

It was so cool. I still have that machine and it still worked the last time I had a landline phone.

Back to Google. I clicked on the store’s website URL and, “Lo’ and behold! Thank you, Jesus!! Go tell it on the mountain!!!, Hammacher Schlemmer has a purifier that takes care of MOLD spores, as well as dust!


Hammacher Schlemmer also has a personal submarine that looks like a sports car on sale for a mere $4M…but it does nothing for MOLD, so I’ll just stick that on my Wish List for now.