Goodreads Giveaway, Aug. 27-Oct. 20 – – – (Happy Birthday, Mama!)

A Goodreads Giveaway in honor of Mama’s Birthday!

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Folded Dreams by Pearl Kirkby

Folded Dreams

by Pearl Kirkby

Giveaway ends October 20, 2016.

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Mama always said, ” ‘Tis better to give than to receive.” (Amazon & Goodreads Giveaways!)

Yes, this is really my Mama...but this book is still a WIP!

Yes, this is really my Mama…but this book is still a WIP!

People will often hear me say, “Mama always said, […enter her wise quotable here…].” That’s because my mama, probably just like yours, was wise…like her mama before her and hers before her, etc., (x) infinity.

My kids have heard me say this all their lives, especially when I couldn’t think of an original thought to pass on when advice was required. “My mama always said…” filled the bill so well that 7 of my 10+2 children have reported that they’ve said it to their kids as well.

I miss Mama. A lot.

Well, Mama’s birthday is coming up. She would be 85 on August 27th and I wanted to do something to commemorate her day. I wracked my brain to figure out a way to share her with everyone…then I heard her say clearly in my ear:

“What did I tell you all your life?”

“That all you want is for me to behave for just one day?” I thought back at her.

“No, you nincompoop! About giving and receiving!”

“Ohhh, yeah…riiight”

“Don’t ‘yeah’ me, young lady!”

“Ohhh, riiight!” (The title of this post was the correct answer, by the way 😀)

And so a couple of Giveaways are in order:

“But wait! There’s more!!”

  • My next Goodreads Giveaway will also begin on Mama’s birthday, this coming Saturday, August 27th, when you can enter to win 1 of 10 print copies of Folded Dreams- the Beginning.(see book details and reviews here). The final drawing for that Giveaway will be held on October 20th.

I think she’d approve.

After all, Mama always said, ” ’tis better to give than to receive.”!

Folded Dreams – new chapter posted on Goodreads!



Folded Dreams, the novel, is going slowly, but I’m not sussed about it. It’s a choice: my eyes or my book, and without my eyes, there will be no book, at least that’s the tack I’m taking for the time being. So to while away the hours this morning, as I wait for these eye drops to wake my eyeballs up, I posted another chapter of Folded Dreams on my writing page on Goodreads. The title of the chapter is:

“…black as a raven’s wing.”

For those of you who read the prequel, my debut book, “Folded Dreams – the Beginning“, you will recognize the character. For those who haven’t, that book is available in print and on Kindle on Amazon (as well as Amazon worldwide) and, in print, at Barnes & Noble and CreateSpace. And, although the novel is good enough as a stand-alone, the prequel gives a really good, freaky, background to the story!

I should stop for a cuppa, now – don’t want to overdo things this early in the day and suffer a pounding headache later. Just suffice it to say that, while I’ve had to give my eyes a rest from close work, I’ve been watching a lot of PBS (which always gives me inspiration) and taking copious notes for Folded Dreams. And now that I have my new monthly quota of data speed into which I can tap to get online, I might even be able to post the first chapter of Waking Up Dead! on Goodreads as well!

Save $150 and a week – quick how-to format a CreateSpace book interior yourself

(I got this template to try for my test submission of “Folded Dreams”, the novel. We’ll see how it works!)

Ana Spoke, author

When I published Shizzle, Inc last year, I paid somebody to format the PDF interior layout. It cost me about $150 and a week of back-and-forth with a reputable company, that did a good job. Eventually. The problem is, now I have to pay them again because I have had the book re-edited by an American editor. And again if I want to change a single comma – they did it on a Mac, and even though they were nice enough to provide the Word file, it looks like garbage when I open it on my PC.

In case you’ve never had to deal with an interior file and don’t know what it is – it’s a PDF of your book, laid out exactly the way your book will look, from the first page to the last. It includes the title page, page numbers, book name and your name at the…

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Congratulations Giveaway Winners!!


Congratulations to the 4 Goodreads Giveaway Winners!

Just received their info and will be sending their signed, print copies of “Folded Dreams – the Beginning” to them tomorrow!

Thanks to the nearly ONE THOUSAND people who entered my very first Goodreads Giveaway, making it such a great experience! And again, CONGRATULATIONS to the winners!!

UPDATE:  All books have been sent to the winners!