Bookshelf – or – #AmReading, when #AmWriting not!!


Tonight I will begin my Bookshelf list of those times when my #AmWriting has switched to #AmReading (didja see my little nod to Yoda, there in the title? – – – well, thought it was cutesy anyway 😭😝)

I’ll probably start with the books I’ve reviewed on the Amazons, which should fill at least a 3/bpw self-imposed quota. Then again, maybe I’ll just start at the bottom of my GINORMOUS Kindle library! Meh…we’ll see what happens😁

I just wish I could figure out how to make that drop-down menu everyone has, or at least ‘file’ them on a “Bookshelf” page. Oh well, as long as what I #AmReading doesn’t show under the category of what I #AmWriting, I should be good to go, right?!


Tooting other authors’ horns!


It’s hard for me to blow my own horn. I suppose it’s my upbringing that prevents me from any form of braggadocio if I can help it, but that doesn’t preclude my tooting other authors’ horns!

Once I rearrange, switch out or otherwise revamp The Old Fossil Writes, the Bookshelf (if it retains that name) will, of course, have reviews that I have written, but it will also see links to reviews by other authors (- toots horn! –).

Like this one by Ralph Webster!

Like this one by Ralph Webster!

Readers, including authors, review the books they read. And authors not only sell their books, but they also participate in promotional Giveaways on Goodreads, Smashwords, Amazon and other platforms.

I promote my own…so why not give back to the readers and writers community by helping other authors to promote theirs (- “toot toot!” -)?

As I posted the other day, I visit a fair few blogs; I read them, explore them…learn from them, especially other writers’ sites. I figure that, if I’m going to borrow ideas from them for my own blog, and so many have been kind enough to share my book, then why shouldn’t I toot other authors’ horns, too?!!

“Toot toot”!!!