Folded Dreams – new chapter posted on Goodreads!



Folded Dreams, the novel, is going slowly, but I’m not sussed about it. It’s a choice: my eyes or my book, and without my eyes, there will be no book, at least that’s the tack I’m taking for the time being. So to while away the hours this morning, as I wait for these eye drops to wake my eyeballs up, I posted another chapter of Folded Dreams on my writing page on Goodreads. The title of the chapter is:

“…black as a raven’s wing.”

For those of you who read the prequel, my debut book, “Folded Dreams – the Beginning“, you will recognize the character. For those who haven’t, that book is available in print and on Kindle on Amazon (as well as Amazon worldwide) and, in print, at Barnes & Noble and CreateSpace. And, although the novel is good enough as a stand-alone, the prequel gives a really good, freaky, background to the story!

I should stop for a cuppa, now – don’t want to overdo things this early in the day and suffer a pounding headache later. Just suffice it to say that, while I’ve had to give my eyes a rest from close work, I’ve been watching a lot of PBS (which always gives me inspiration) and taking copious notes for Folded Dreams. And now that I have my new monthly quota of data speed into which I can tap to get online, I might even be able to post the first chapter of Waking Up Dead! on Goodreads as well!

A Bit More on Editing!

"edit! Edit!! EDIT!!!"

“edit! Edit!! EDIT!!!”

Upon being asked how college affected my writing, I replied, “That’s where I came up with my editing mantra!”

What does that mean? Well…

“edit! Edit!! EDIT!!!”