The Definition of “Useless”


It’s not a word which requires a definition. And nor does it usually call for an example for explanation, being sufficiently self-explanatory, ya’ know? Still, if you think about it, could you actually define ‘useless’, without looking it up in your Funk & Wagnell’s?

See that picture up there? That’s pretty much what I feel like at this stage of recovery from this damnable stroke. Useless.

“A picture is worth a thousand words.”

Just sayin’.

(wonder if i could incorporate this into my novel Waking Up Dead! – that is, if i ever stop being so USELESS!!!)



A whole day down the drain...AAAARRGGGHH!

A whole day down the drain…AAAARRGGGHH!

Up at 5:30AM, on the computer by 5:45. Mind racing…write…backspace…re-write…proofread…delete whole blocks…re-write…repeat. AAARRGGGHH!

Do it all again and again. It’s now 4:00PM and the whole chapter SUCKS! What a wasted day….


Try again…more garbage. Delete, repeat…

“AAARRGGGHH!!” again.

I need a drink.