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Life can bring one storm after another, accompanied by both destruction and newness. But storms, in and of themselves, are neither destructive, nor creative…it is, rather, the way they are viewed by man, that dictates such perceptions.

Storms are, by their very nature, a study in ambiguity and contrast.

Where trees may be uprooted, waters erode and hail beats down, there behind it comes new growth. Even the destruction of homes by hurricane, tornado or flood, is followed by rebuilding…and usually the new construction is improved over the old so that it may withstand future storms.

Life’s storms, in the form of ill health, consequences of poor choices, divorce or death, is very much like Nature’s version…in both destruction and new construction.

Illness feels horrid. We can either remain sick and give up, or we can discover the cause for it and either treat it if it can be, or learn the work-arounds. We can make our mistakes and whine about the consequences, or learn how to avoid a repetition from them.

When the storms in our hearts are the result of death, we can lose ourselves in sorrow, anger and bitterness…or we can learn to appreciate the life that we yet have…and hope in, what some call superstition, but what many of us know as Hope and Faith.

There is so much that mankind is still ignorant of, with regards to the “is that all there is?” of life. Life is…and storms are…energy, and energy cannot be destroyed. This is a fact of physics.

Let us reroute our energies when the storms of life assault us. Let us acknowledge the destructive forces as merely a part of birth or rebirth. After all, if not for the destructive forces of nature, the very soil that supports life on earth would not exist.

Just sayin’.






We are conceived. We are born. We live…then we die.


This seems to be an established fact. But is it? What are facts, but once-upon-a-time theories. ‘The world is flat”. That was a ‘fact’, too, until someone proved differently. ‘The sun travels across the sky as it orbits the earth’…another ‘fact’, until it was proven otherwise.

It really didn’t take all that long for mankind to realize that much of what he believed about life was based on theory, rather than ‘fact’. And science is proving, or disproving, facts and theories every single day.

So why is it so difficult to believe that the only things we “know” about Time, might, as yet, simply be accepted theory?

Stories about time and space, whether as a fantasy, or as related in a textbook as an example, have always fascinated me. But when you combine time, space, myth, faith-based belief, fantasy AND physics into one story…now, that’s the stuff of a good book…if, of course, that’s a genre that interests you.

In “Folded Dreams” (the follow-up novel to ‘Folded Dreams – the Beginning’), all of these elements (plus a bit of theory regarding the neurological aspects of the brain’s potential) are represented…with a lot of poetic license taken…(ahem…) hence, the designation of ‘fiction’.

In this book, an inter-changeability of time and space, the wide ranging beliefs regarding the spirit, its origin and state of “be-ing”, seemingly…and actual…paranormal and extraterrestrial visitations, ‘claire’ gifts, and out-of-body/near-death experiences, all come together to form a really good reading experience, or so I’ve been told (honestly, even I like it, and I’m my own worst critic!).