It’s in the information

(I do love being challenged to think beyond the obvious and Joe, over at Rationalizing the Universe, never drops that ball!)

Rationalising The Universe

Any true science fiction fan will immediately recognize the featured image to this post as The Matrix – the late 90s trilogy where humans are stuck living in a simulated reality, which is aptly named theMatrix. In the film we enter a world where all experiences humans have; the taste of food, the feeling of a gust of wind or the solidity of surfaces is nothing more than coding embedded in the Matrix. We are led to the conclusion that once an individual is consciously aware of the existence of the Matrix, it is possible to manipulate the programming to perform feats that defy the known laws of nature on Earth – which is fine when you are living within a computer. One of the main characters, Neo, gains such a deep understanding of the Matrix that he is able to see things for the coding they are, rather than the…

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(…from one of my old blogs!!) “I’m Gonna Wash That Gray Right Outta My Hair!”

(…and here’s a little sample of what I USED to write on

one of my older blogs!! 😀 )

balance the circle...

So…I was braiding my hair into a one side plait the other night, as I always do before bed and, just as I turned off the bathroom light, I caught sight of myself in the mirror. I stood there for a minute, puzzling what it was that seemed odd about my reflection (other than the usual dazed, bemused look I get every time I happen to see myself that, “wow…I look more and more like Mama every day”, way). Well, I didn’t want my husband walking by the bathroom to see me standing in the dark, not moving, as he already thinks I’m a bit weird; no need for him to now think, “oh boy…Old Timer’s…she’s forgotten where she is”, so I turned the light back on and leaned forward a bit, studying my face.

Other than finding one stray hair on my chin that seemed to think it was…

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(a very touching song by a wonderfully talented writer…may he rest peacefully – and thank you, Aruna…it certainly suits the idea of timelessness…)

Jeena yahan marna yahan Iske siwa jaana kahan You live here, you die here Where else can one go but here? Jee chaahe jab humko awaaz do Hum hain wahin hum the jahan Apne yahin dono jahan Iske siwa …



Warnowiid. Just sayin’.


— Billy Wright

SCIENTISTS STUDYING MICROSCOPIC LIFE IN SEAWATER have found, what we laypeople might call, a tiny floating eyeball. Just as with our own eyes, the creature is fitted with a lens, cornea and retina. But what’s remarkable is that it’s all inside the one cell.

Scientists from the University of British Columbia (UBC) had their research on the ‘Warnowiid’ published last month in Nature.

“It’s an amazingly complex structure for a single-celled organism to have evolved,” said lead author Greg Gavelis, a zoology PhD student at UBC, speaking about the warnowiid.

“It contains a collection of sub-cellular organelles that look very much like the lens, cornea, iris and retina of multicellular eyes found in humans and other larger animals.”

The scientists still aren’t entirely sure what the eye is used for. Without the billions of very purposeful cells found in our own eyes, the warnowiid would have…

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“Time Travel” – a Shared Post

(Time travel…so many personal fantasies, but always based on the base theories! Folded Space…Folded Time…Folded Dreams!!😁)

Rationalising The Universe

What do we want?! Time Travel! When do we want it?! It’s irrelevant. 

Time, by far my favourite abstract notion to think about whilst also the one that can easily cause the most damage to one’s sense of reality if over-dwelled on. This post will cover thoughts on our perception of time and then move on to consider sci-fi’s ever favourite tool, time travel; the common misconceptions, problems and theoretical consistent possibilities.

As human beings our perception of the passage of time is fixed, it is an ever forward-flowing river from which we can never escape. Einstein’s general relativity teaches us that time is a dimension, as are the three of space, however although we are able to freely traverse the spatial dimensions (we can go up/down, backwards/forwards, left/right) we cannot exercise such control in time. We are confined to travel ever ‘forward’ through this dimension. From our limited human perception we…

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Empress: A Survivor Lights a Candle – by Roger Moore

(Another favourite contemporary poet. If you’ve not read him before….you should. pk)


Empress 233.jpg

A Survivor Lights a Candle
During the Latin Mass for the Dead
Before the Main Altar
at the Sanctuaire Sainte-Anne

I am afraid of fire:

 in principio erat verbum /
in the beginning was the word.

 I am afraid of the loud voice of the match
scratching its sudden flare,

narrowing my pupils,
enlarging the whites of my eyes:

 et lux in tenebris lucet /
and light shines in darkness.

Booming and blooming,
igniting the soul’s dark night.

Voice of fire:

et Deus erat verbum /
and the Word was God.

 Flourishing to nourishment,
flames whispering on the flood:

omnia per ipsum facta sunt /
all things were made by Him.

Wool and water,
this sodden safety blanket;
and what of the cold plush

of the pliant teddy bear,
the staring eyes of the doll:

et tenebrae eam non comprehenderunt /
and the darkness comprehended it not.

The lashes…

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