Collection: Roger Moore – Poet


To quote the filler text on WordPress, “This is an example of a short post”, which is to say, I have a collection of books by the poet, Roger Moore and in the next few days I will be making a fairly long overview of these books. This is not that post. 😏

Be that as it may, it is my eventual intention to try and review them, one at a time. And I say “try”, because I’ve never reviewed poetry before, so it should be an interesting exercise!


20160928_003549Anyway, these are the books that I have so far (with many thanks to my fellow old fossil😁), but the actual reviews may show them differently, as they appear on Amazon.



Three little books = ‘Beddy-bye’ reading!



Because I love books. But my nightstand has been empty of nighttime books for beddy-bye reading. And then this lil’ parcel comes in the mail. Three little chap books. Poetry. Prose. By Roger Moore.

I was going to wait ’til bedtime, but I couldn’t resist. It’s September and a book All About Angels is fitting.



“He arrived in a fanfare of colour

blessing the world with a rainbow

oranges and lemons

suspended in water….

…when he left us

our world turned upside down…”



 . . . s – i – g – h . . .



All About Angels ©2009 by Roger Moore.

All About Angels ©2009 by Roger Moore.

The Old Fossil’s Library is at 99%!

The Old Fossil's!

The Old Fossil’s Library…click!

Well, even though I can’t seem to figure out how to configure this “Hero” theme to show the call outs, my new “Old Fossil’s Library” is 99% complete, and what a job it was!

I’ve used only three themes amongst my four web/blog sites, and I have been quite happy with them, but for my Author sites, I wanted something a bit different. There are so many themes from which to choose, you know? But, having visited a myriad of Author sites, Book Reviewer and other book based blogs, I got a pretty good idea about what I was looking for…and the Hero theme seemed to fill the bill.

Anyway, I’ve put up a couple of reviews, now…including a “Free on Amazon Kindle” book promo (not ‘free on Kindle Unlimited”, because those are always free…why tell people something they already know?!). I don’t know how long these books will be free of charge, so don’t wait, if you want one!

I’m also going to discuss, or feature, some of the great poetry and short stories that I find on various blogs and on Goodreads (with their author’s permissions, of course). There are a few blogs that I follow because they’re just the ticket when I need a little distracting break from writing, and I’d rather feature than only share. I will share anyway, notwithstanding, just because sometimes it’s more visible for the creators that way.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy visiting The Old Fossil’s Library. Just remember, “Shhh…it’s a library”, and don’t spill your cuppa on the books!

The Old Fossil’s Library now has a page of its own!!

The other half of the Old Fossil's library...without the old cat!

The other half of the Old Fossil’s library…without the old cat!

After about 11 hours, I finally figured out what to do about adding a library to The Old Fossil Writes as a separate entity. I debated on whether or not just to categorize each review and be done with it, but instead, I’ve given it a page of its own – an external page!

Well, the Old Fossil’s Library is now open! It’s empty yet, but for a couple of introductory pages and the cover image of the first book I’ll be reviewing, but it’s open!

Since the Old Fossil’s library has its own page, you’ll have to click the link above until I create a linked page over there on the left nav bar, like I finally did for Orders and Pre-Orders!  Let me know what you think! The End.

Bookshelf – or – #AmReading, when #AmWriting not!!


Tonight I will begin my Bookshelf list of those times when my #AmWriting has switched to #AmReading (didja see my little nod to Yoda, there in the title? – – – well, thought it was cutesy anyway 😭😝)

I’ll probably start with the books I’ve reviewed on the Amazons, which should fill at least a 3/bpw self-imposed quota. Then again, maybe I’ll just start at the bottom of my GINORMOUS Kindle library! Meh…we’ll see what happens😁

I just wish I could figure out how to make that drop-down menu everyone has, or at least ‘file’ them on a “Bookshelf” page. Oh well, as long as what I #AmReading doesn’t show under the category of what I #AmWriting, I should be good to go, right?!

Have Credit Card, Will Travel! or “My Kindle is KILLING Me!”

OM217eboK! (that's "Oh my 217 ebooks on Kindle!" in the Common Tongue!)

OM217eboK! (that’s “Oh my 217 ebooks on Kindle!” in the Common Tongue!)

Let’s face it: I love books. I just have a passion for the written word, whether it’s between the covers of a paper-back, hard-back or the keyboard and lid of my laptop. I also have a credit card. And the internet. And an Amazon account. And a Kindle Reader. And that’s what I mean when I say “My Kindle Is KILLING Me!”


I now have 217 books waiting to be read.

That is all.