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I feel you, Miss Meg!!

(…and this is just right in front of me…you should see the bookcase to my left, the walls (along with all those taped pages!), television, lamps and even the chair to my right…oh, yeah, not even the fabric chair covers escape all those neat, narrow, sticky strips!!)

Empress: A Survivor Lights a Candle – by Roger Moore

(Another favourite contemporary poet. If you’ve not read him before….you should. pk)


Empress 233.jpg

A Survivor Lights a Candle
During the Latin Mass for the Dead
Before the Main Altar
at the Sanctuaire Sainte-Anne

I am afraid of fire:

 in principio erat verbum /
in the beginning was the word.

 I am afraid of the loud voice of the match
scratching its sudden flare,

narrowing my pupils,
enlarging the whites of my eyes:

 et lux in tenebris lucet /
and light shines in darkness.

Booming and blooming,
igniting the soul’s dark night.

Voice of fire:

et Deus erat verbum /
and the Word was God.

 Flourishing to nourishment,
flames whispering on the flood:

omnia per ipsum facta sunt /
all things were made by Him.

Wool and water,
this sodden safety blanket;
and what of the cold plush

of the pliant teddy bear,
the staring eyes of the doll:

et tenebrae eam non comprehenderunt /
and the darkness comprehended it not.

The lashes…

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RESOLVED!! Harry Potter: Cursed Child is on the way!! YAYYY!!!

 Resolved! the Cursed Child is on its way!!

Resolved! the Cursed Child is on its way!!

Just got off the phone with Amazon Customer Service: RESOLVED!! and my Harry Potter: the Cursed Child is on the way!! Yayyy!!

I’m completely disappointed with our local USPS. The lady I spoke with resolutely refused to take responsibility for what can only be believed to be theft by a postal carrier (considering that the package was scanned as supposedly being delivered to me on my porch…when in actuality I met him at the truck and all he handed me were two VA appointment cards for my hubby and a letter for my grandson).

I was very discouraged when I called Amazon’s customer service and told the representative, Let, my story…including that The Cursed Child was supposed to be my birthday and official retirement present to myself.

But, bless her heart, she not only resolved the issue by issuing a replacement copy, and with one-day shipping…no charge, but also wished me a happy belated birthday and pleasant retirement, to boot!

I am now as in love with Amazon as I am with JK Rowling (as an author, by the way!) and Harry Potter, whether he has a Cursed Child or not!!


UPDATE: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child?

…yeah. The United States Postal Service says Amazon will have to take care of the missing Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. Way to shirk responsibility, USPS.

Newest photo for milk carton: Missing: the Cursed Child

Newest photo for milk carton:
Missing: the Cursed Child


Harry Potter: Cursed Child – my birthday present to me. NOT.

Here is my sad, sad tale, as commented on :

Screenshot_2016-08-08-15-05-46I pre-ordered Harry Potter and the Cursed Child (the very first rehearsal version of the screenplay that was published), from Amazon, as a birthday/retirement present to myself.

I was SO excited and waiting on pins & needles for it to arrive on the 5th of August that I started meeting the postman at the street beginning on my birthday, which was the 3rd! Yayyy!!????


It didn’t arrive on Friday the 5th, and nor did it get here on Sat. the 6th. And my internet was down last week so I couldn’t check on Amazon for delivery/tracking until yesterday…Mon the 8th.

“Delivered Aug 5, left on porch by door.” – that’s the postal notice listed on Amazon. How could that have been, when the mailman never even had a chance to step out of the mail truck to even deliver our mail for 4 days, what with me standing at his vehicle door, blocking him?!

Called USPS. Lady said, “It was scanned in the truck and noted left on porch.”

“Lady,” I said, “I met him at the truck for FOUR days in a row. He never got out of the truck…he did NOT deliver it.”

She: “Sending someone to your street to investigate and ask your neighbours if it was accidentally delivered to them.”

“When will you do this?”

“I’m sending someone to your street now.” (this is Mon. at 12:40 in the afternoon, mind)

Tues (today): have approached all my neighbours…no one from the post office has knocked on their door, no one has contacted them in any other wise, either. Cursed Child is still missing as of mail delivery today.

Called post office today to ask why no one came to street to investigate. Response: “She left right after I got off the phone with you Monday.”

“I sat outside all day waiting. No one came. All 10 of my neighbours will corroborate this.”


(click, went the phone.)

At least I got to read a review. 😞😭😭

Where is my Cursed Child book, USPS? I paid for my birthday/retirement present…Amazon got their money…J.K. Rowling will get her royalties. You even got your money for postage…SO WHY DON’T I GET MY DAMN BOOK??

Tooting other authors’ horns!


It’s hard for me to blow my own horn. I suppose it’s my upbringing that prevents me from any form of braggadocio if I can help it, but that doesn’t preclude my tooting other authors’ horns!

Once I rearrange, switch out or otherwise revamp The Old Fossil Writes, the Bookshelf (if it retains that name) will, of course, have reviews that I have written, but it will also see links to reviews by other authors (- toots horn! –).

Like this one by Ralph Webster!

Like this one by Ralph Webster!

Readers, including authors, review the books they read. And authors not only sell their books, but they also participate in promotional Giveaways on Goodreads, Smashwords, Amazon and other platforms.

I promote my own…so why not give back to the readers and writers community by helping other authors to promote theirs (- “toot toot!” -)?

As I posted the other day, I visit a fair few blogs; I read them, explore them…learn from them, especially other writers’ sites. I figure that, if I’m going to borrow ideas from them for my own blog, and so many have been kind enough to share my book, then why shouldn’t I toot other authors’ horns, too?!!

“Toot toot”!!!