Just some random thoughts…

…ya’ know. because i have so much time on my hands. still.

so here i sit all woeful and forlorn.  i’m as bored as a dog lover, stuck on a boat full of old cat ladies.  that’s not old cats who collect ladies.  that’s old ladies who collect cats.  random thoughts are bound to be running rampant through my brain cells.  or at least what’s left of them.

weird random thoughts.  like comparing my state of boredom to old ladies, old cats and dogs.  dogs who are lovers.  or folks who love dogs.  or something like that.

you know.



weirdly random.

or randomly weird.

thoughts and stuff.

see what i mean?

anyway.  have a nice night.  or morning.  or wherever on the clock you happen to be.

or whichever day of the week you happen to be currently occupying.



like that.