“I Am Your Rib, Sir” – – (my Muse issued a challenge…)

(As I proofread this post, I can see where my brain is still trying to adopt new neural pathways. Please forgive the disjointedness…and could someone please tell me if “nosey” is spelled with or without that annoying ‘e’!!! Thanks ~ Pearl~ )

As you all know, I have been recovering from a health issue, lo’ these past two+ years. Anger at my body for its betrayal, and the frustration of trying to locate my Muse who (like the completely self absorbed, self-centred spouse), abandoned me at a time that I really needed support – all of this had intermittently messed with my determination to push myself.

Most people can relate to the fact that, during recovery from any serious health setback, one can find oneself with so much time on his hands that actually ‘dying of boredom’ becomes more of a possibility and less of a catch-phrase! Introspection comes naturally at these times of physical inactivity, but one must be careful to avoid any negative thinking, lest you find yourself wallowing in self recrimination or regrets.

In such cases I have found that flights of fancy offer great distraction. Well – that and becoming nosey(sp????) with regard to everyone else’s lives. You know the type – no life of her own, so she tries to live vicariously through others. Strangers’ lives, of course…never my family’s or friends’ lives. I do still maintain some propriety, after all.

I have come to the conclusion that it is, without a doubt, true that one’s state of mind directly affects what one perceives in life. What I have perceived, for example (especially because of recent personal experience), is that too many people “settle”, when it comes to choosing a life partner. Consider for a moment – what if we were able to peer through time and actually know the kind of person we would wind up spending the rest of our lives with – I mean truly seeing beyond our initial childhood/teen romantic notions  (not that we should give up on those romantic notions at all, just “grow them up” a bit). What if we were strong enough to settle for nothing less, no matter how lonesome we got?

.. which got me to thinking about the “Adams rib” story in the Bible. And that, my friends, was when my Muse deigned to pay me a short visit…and issue me a challenge.

“So what if you cannot even recognize your own previous work. If you think you’ve become so smart and philosophical…go ahead! write a book about this new train of thought. I dare you!”


Okayyy. Let me think…h’mmmmmm…

I know of one particular person whose admirers think they know precisely who is best for him. Admirers, mind you, or fans if you will…not friends. Not even personal acquaintances. Apparently, since he is still unmarried, they think this man is incapable of making his own decisions, even though he has been doing so (quite well, I might add, judging from his “station” in life) for the better part of forty years. Maybe he’s one of those who just won’t settle for less than what he knows he wants. Then again, perhaps he really is just happy being a bachelor! Whatever the case may be, I started thinking – if this man was my friend, would I want the responsibility of telling him who to have in his life and thereby risking his happiness on my fallibility? or would I simply wish the best for him, then support him in his decision? What would I say to him? I certainly would not presume to be wiser about his wants or needs than he is, himself!

A checklist. Perhaps. A checklist which would be suitable for anyone and everyone (men as well as women), but at the same time, could be completely personalized for his benefit.

(Bear with me…all of this actually does relate to the challenge issued by my Muse 🙂 )

It is widely believed that Destiny – or perhaps karma – plays a major role in our lives and loves. On the other hand, many people will say life and love just randomly happen in an “It is what it is” kind of way. Still others swear by the story in the Bible – that Eve was not only specifically intended for Adam, but was actually a part of him…she was fashioned from his rib, after all. No question that they were quite literally “made for each other”. It has even been stated, also as “proof”, that men generally have one less rib than women (my knowledge of physiology – including anomolies – completely refutes that generalization of course, but what the heck…that’s what “poetic license” is for!).

Science notwithstanding, the Adam’s rib story is still a lovely way of expressing the hope that two people were meant to be. And so was born the title of one more attempt at writing: “I Am Your Rib, Sir.

Anyhow, here is the Checklist I spoke of in that paragraph up there. In essence, it’s the view that there is a perfect Someone for everyone – defined and transformed into a philosophical ideology, per se, which would flow through the veins of this story:

“Someone whose love is as fierce, as giving, as protective as a mother’s love – as trusting and pure as a child’s, as loyal and respectful as a friend’s and as passionate as a lover’s…someone who is different enough from you that you are challenged, but who is enough like you that she reflects you in everything she is…everything she says…everything she does. This is who I pray for you, to share your life.” [ “I am your rib, sir.” (c) 2018. Pearl Kirkby]

So far, the drafts I have finished look promising. Unfortunately, other than the quote above, this time around I won’t be sharing sample writing. Truth be told, if too much neural damage has been done and too many brain cells have been compromised due to my stroke, it is a liklihood that this book will bear at least two author’s names.

* * * * *

Anyhow, since I am basically starting over from scratch and have forgotten all the important stuff, I’ve had to do the legal things a little differently this time around, directly through the US Copyright Office. The one thing I do remember is that I wasn’t this confused before!

That’s all for now.

Oh! by the way, yes! I’m still in love!!!

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    • Thanks so much AR! As always, your personal attention gives me inspiration and a smile (this time, though, I think I’ll look up the meaning of “raconteur” before I decide just how big that smile stretches, because, alack and alas!, I can’t find the definition in my brain anymore or anywhere!!!😂😂).

      It’s always so good to hear from you! I will certainly keep striving!


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