The Definition of “Useless”


It’s not a word which requires a definition. And nor does it usually call for an example for explanation, being sufficiently self-explanatory, ya’ know? Still, if you think about it, could you actually define ‘useless’, without looking it up in your Funk & Wagnell’s?

See that picture up there? That’s pretty much what I feel like at this stage of recovery from this damnable stroke. Useless.

“A picture is worth a thousand words.”

Just sayin’.

(wonder if i could incorporate this into my novel Waking Up Dead! – that is, if i ever stop being so USELESS!!!)


9 thoughts on “The Definition of “Useless”

  1. So … a fork without a handle. Is that a name tag I see attached? You paint a bleak picture, Pearl, which I do hope will develop more to your wishes soon. Must be of some use if you cause others to consider your words and thoughts, as you did me, so indeed, NOT useless.

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    • Aww, thx Roland. Actually not a fork withOUT a handle, so much as a useless handle! It’s so difficult to have to resort to relying on others to do the simplest thing for you when you’ve always been the one to ‘do’ for others 😦 A stroke is a serious life test; I’m determined to make a complete come-back, but I give in to the occasional “pity-party”! Thank you for your oh-so-kind words, Roland!


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