Talking About Betrayals…

And here I was on about how my eyes were betraying me…..well that’s what  get for complaining… about betrayals and sure enough the whole body obliges.

Week before last  – the 12th I think – I had a stroke and have been in the hospital ever since.

(It’s hard to type with one thumb on this little tablet screen let me tell you.  Hence no punctuation to speak of! )

Anyway here I am in hospital till I get a place somewhere for physical therapy. Just wanted to let you know what has kept me offline for so many long!

Catch you all later!




7 thoughts on “Talking About Betrayals…

  1. My Dearest Pearl,

    every ounce of my heart is with you and sending strong, healing vibes and love. I have been thinking of you often and fearing something has not been right. I am sorry t learn that was true.

    You are a tough cookie who has to be dripping with good karma, so you will climb through this hurdle and be even better for it.

    Much love!

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