Of Leaves and Autumns

This particular piece by Zahra Ammar rather speaks to one of the premises of Folded Dreams, I think…)

Ramblings of a Wanderer


A beauty in dying

Drying up,dehydrating and withering

We leave and lie in our flaming graves

We rustle, moans in the breeze

The summer passed too soon

Now we lay on the ground which we watched from above

We had giggled and swayed in the giddy sunlight

We had looked down at the ground pitifully

Not realising, we would be together soon

Now slowly losing identity

Breaking off bit by bit

Chipped and combined in brown

A part once, a part no more.

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4 thoughts on “Of Leaves and Autumns

    • Thx Roger – I’ve missed being able ti post. Eyeballs are strange critters! It’s a good thing I touch type but proof READING is stull iffy – so I share others’ work instead! Improvrment is slow but on the way. I hope😌

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      • So glad you are on the mend. Clare had glaucoma and cataracts … all repaired now. Modern health care is a marvel. Another friend is suffering from a detached retina. he is really struggling and under pressure to return to work. Anyway: good to see you there this morning. Keep in touch.

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