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To quote the filler text on WordPress, “This is an example of a short post”, which is to say, I have a collection of books by the poet, Roger Moore and in the next few days I will be making a fairly long overview of these books. This is not that post. 😏

Be that as it may, it is my eventual intention to try and review them, one at a time. And I say “try”, because I’ve never reviewed poetry before, so it should be an interesting exercise!


20160928_003549Anyway, these are the books that I have so far (with many thanks to my fellow old fossil😁), but the actual reviews may show them differently, as they appear on Amazon.



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    • Thans, Roger. We’re lucky to have been on the west coast. We had a fair bit of wind, an old dead tree bit the dust during one of the more serious gusts- then nothing. We’ll see if it’s curling back around next weekπŸ˜• Taking out the old fossils: easier said than done!!!

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      • Yes, Canada too. Halifax lost power (10,000 homes out) and Cape Breton had 200 mm of rain (Newfoundland too) with roads swept away. Power is out for 25,000 homes in Sydney area and won’t be back until later today or tomorrow. Cape Breton has been declared a disaster area. We saw no rain in Island View / Fredericton, but Moncton (160 clicks down the road towards NS) got drenched.

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      • And here I had thought it had diminished. What is it with weather reporting? 😑 I’m just glad it’s over for the time being, only I wish the media would start being a little – no a LOT – more forthcoming with the truth of things, both weather AND news.

        (Re: the other comment…I’ve taken to wearing gloves without fingertips when my fingers arbitrarily decide to quit working!!)

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