To Heather Hobbs: FINALLY! The Long Awaited Response to the Liebster Award Nomination!



I was flabbergasted when Heather, at  HeatherHobbsBlog, nominated me for a Liebster Award, back in June! I didn’t have but a couple of dozen people following me at the time and I really never expected that anyone would be all that interested in my blog. To say I was tickled pink would be an understatement!

Heather does a fair bit of reading and I always like checking out her ‘Recaps”, and her “Classic Remarks” on older books (her last was on Dr. Seuss and Roald Dahl!). You should visit her blog!

I hate that it’s taken me so long to do this. Working on two novels and trying to get a book of poetry together has me so busy that I just haven’t had a lot of time to buckle down and do my part for the Liebster, and for that I’m really ashamed. But now, by golly, here it is: the long awaited response!

First, a bit of explanation:

The Liebster Award is passed around the blogging community as a fun way of getting to know each other. Here is how it works – once you get nominated:

  • Thank the nominator and link back to their blog
  • Answer 11 questions asked by the blogger who nominated you
  • Nominate other bloggers that you think deserve the award
  • Write 11 questions for your nominees
  • Let them know you’ve nominated them

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Here are the answers to the 11 questions that Heather asked me:

What is your favorite book or book series?

  • Well, about a hundred years ago that would have been the old Nancy Drew classics (Heather should appreciate those!). Now, though, I only have 3 collections, and they are, all of them, my favourites:  Harry Potter, naturally, Lord of the Rings and a growing collection of poetry by Roger Moore. My single favourite book has always been, and still is, the Bible. I just can’t help it!

If you could do anything (other than your current job), what would you do for a living?

  • I’m doing exactly what I want to be doing: writing, painting and sculpting.

What is your favorite book-to-film adaptation

  • Jane Austen’s books have been brilliantly adapted to film. Oh! And I’m crazy about Shakespeare’s “Much Ado About Nothing”, with Emma Thompson, Kianu Reeves, Kenneth Brannagh and Denzel Washington…it was hilarious!!

What is your least favorite book-to-film adaptation?

  • Goodness. The book may be better 99% of the time, but I can’t really think of any film adapted from a book that I could call my least favourite, although I can think of one or two books that were terribly written, but that made excellent movies!

On average, how many books do you read per month?

  • It varies from month to month by a lot. I may go several months without reading anything other that my own edits, then I mayn’t write a word because I’m reading! During the months that I read, I can consume up to 40 books a month, as it only takes me about 8 hours to read a 300-400 page novel, and about three hours to read a 200 page book.

What is your favorite thing about blogging?

  • Although I do like sharing my progress, processes and thoughts along the journey of writing, my all-time favourite part is ‘meeting’ and talking with so many talented, dedicated and just plain interesting people. I like to think that I’ve made as many friends on this particular blog in the past year, that I have in my entire 62 years of life!

What is the most challenging thing about blogging?

  • Balancing my time. I will either miss posting for days on end, or I will post eleventy-seven times a day! One of these days, when I have a lot to say, I’ll remember to schedule the darn things!

Why is your blog focused on the topics you’ve chosen?

  • I’m a writer and a reader. I write about books, whether mine or someone else’s. But then again, sometimes I just write to see myself put words on paper…erm…the screen!

How often do you blog?

  • I try to make sure I post to one of my 5 blogs at least every 2 days.

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?

  • For decades I’ve dreamed of traveling to Europe. I want to visit the lands of my grandparents (England and Ireland) and make an unexpected phone call to some of my friends in Wales or Belgium and also Australia and New Zealand. Then I want to visit Hawai’i again, see Alaska and finish traveling across the US and back up to Canada (there are people I’d love to meet in-person, everywhere!). I suppose the easier question would be, “Where would you not go?” 😀

Tell us one fun fact about yourself:

  • I love being old! When you’re old, you can flirt and pretend that you’re just looking to adopt that fine looking young feller! Plus, I get to call out, “Hey, kid!” to a 50 year old!!!

So there you have it! Now, I’m supposed to nominate a few other bloggers for the Liebster Award, but how in the world do you choose from 100+ great people?? I know a lot of them specifically state that they don’t really have time to participate, but I can’t remember which ones they are – so I’m just going to take a chance here.

As for the questions, I’m just going to pass along the ones up there that Heather gave me (I’m anxious to know everyone’s answer to the last one!!)

I’d like to nominate:

Anne at Inked Brownies and Danielle at Books, Vertigo and Tea, who have a couple of awesome – and most times hilarious! – book review blogs between them, and Julie at Cookie Crumbs to Live By, whose spiritual posts keep me on my toes.

I would really like to also nominate Roger, Roger Moore – Poet and Meg, at Meg Sorick Writes, for their fantastic poetry that never ceases to amaze. Of course, with their schedules, I don’t know that they would have time for it. Meh – I’ll let them know anyway!

There are so many that I’d like to mention, but I really need to get to bed. After all, it’s 8:00a.m.




17 thoughts on “To Heather Hobbs: FINALLY! The Long Awaited Response to the Liebster Award Nomination!

  1. Haha, Pearl! I nominated you for this one as well last month!! :’) Why is no one ever getting my pingbacks?! Thank you for thinking of me as well, though ❤
    Now, Emma Thompson is fabulous in any movie.

    40 books a month…8 hours to read a 300-400 page novel…I'm seeing stars now! O_o my goodness! I can read up to 8, a maximum of 10 a month! 😥 And then you also keep up with FIVE blogs?! Is this the secret to getting older? That you become a superhuman? XD Or is it just because of the lack of sleep that gives you more hours during the daytime? 😉

    made as many friends on this particular blog in the past year, that I have in my entire 62 years of life…<3 Same here! (well, not the 62 years then…)

    Liked by 1 person

    • You did??? I never saw it😳 Well there ya’ go…I re-dedicate that post to include you!!

      Yeah, those bouts of insomnia have a lot to do with the sheer number of books I read now, but I get so involved in a story that I fly through a book.

      Been like that ever since I learned how to read. Teachers had a hard time finding “busy work” for me during English related classes!

      As for my other blogs, this past year I’ve made use of “Share Post”, because I’ve been so busy with Folded Dreams. I’ll even share some of my own “Thoughts Along the Journey” and relevant book reviews every now and then, but I much prefer using my original content. Fortunately, when it came to those blogs (which were much utilized during my last employment before retirement) I have quite a few posts on file. I’m actually working on a post right now, for Old Fossil Writes, that will be shared across 3 of them.

      That many friends, yes, because my social life declined once I started caring for family members at their end of life.

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      • Yes!! I figured you just weren’t into it or something :’D. I wish I could make the most out of my insomnia that way as well, but I can’t keep my eyes open…while not being able to fall asleep. BOO! Are you sure you’re not autistic as well? 😉 ❤ Well, I think that's just admirable to the max! I can hardly keep up with one XD. Online friends are better anyways, you can fart as much as you want while talking to them and they will never be able to tell! (except for now, that is…)

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      • It’s not that I’m not into it as much as I just try to post no more than two/day, and since I’m so wordy to begin with, if I posted the two, PLUS a reward response…well…you see what I’m saying? I did have fun with it, though.

        I’ll have to go through my dashboard and see if I can find yours, though!

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  2. You have some fantastic answers Pearl! I love getting to know more about you and the fact that you can honestly say you enjoy getting older. I have enjoyed aging (I know I have years to go). I am much happier now than I ever was in my 20s haha. Thank you for the tag! I hope I can get to this 😉

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  3. Loved reading your answers, you sound so much fun 🙂 I love that you can call a 50y/o a kid! Love it! 😀 I must mention that to my mom, she can piss my father off with it (who’s younger) …

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