“MS Relapse”. Food for thought and a kick in the – – writer’s block


I learned a new term  today, from Angie at Reflections On Life 281:

“MS Relapse”

Now, this refers to the medical condition, MS (Multiple Sclerosis), but what you may not know is that “ms” is also an abbreviation for the word, “manuscript”. Before I go any further, let me iterate that I know how debilitating a condition MS is – my eldest grandson’s paternal grandmother, who was one of the sweetest women I ever met, suffered with it for many decades. I am totally in awe of anyone who is tough enough, determined enough and stubborn enough to shake their fist mightily in the face of this disease and continue living strong.

Angie said, in effect, that having to stop whatever she was doing for a bit before she plugs on is what she refers to as having an “MS Relapse”. Following her blog, though, I can see that she views such times merely as temporary set-backs, then she gathers her strength and continues doing what she is called to do. That same courage applies to people like Alicia (liebjabberings.wordpress.com), Danielle (Books, Vertigo & Tea) and oh! so many others, who must fight against the waves just to do the things that they used to do without thinking. What heroes, are these!

It is for the women and men who have toughed it out, in spite of the limitations forced on them by any disability or chronic disease, that I shamefacedly adopt the term, “MS Relapse”, instead of ‘writer’s block’ (or any other “poor pitiful me” excuse for not writing). It is not said in jest, and nor is it meant to demean. It is to remind myself that, from brain lesions to MS, and fibromyalgia to CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) and everything in between, if they can persevere in spite of it all, who the hell am I to cry over Writer’s Block? Food for thought, isn’t it…

So let me kick myself in the….writer’s block, and call it “MS (for manuscript) Relapse” and, by God, grow a set.


9 thoughts on ““MS Relapse”. Food for thought and a kick in the – – writer’s block

  1. Hear hear!! I have CFS (ME) for almost 20 years now, but there are always people who have way worse things than me and continue to fight and live on with such power. Amazing ❤

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  2. Well my computer is being a turd. I had written a response on here from the bottom of my little heart, and it seems to have landed somewhere in cyberspace. I hope it enjoys the trip! Thank you always Pearl for the continuing kindness. It goes a long way on those hard days ❤

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