Three little books = ‘Beddy-bye’ reading!



Because I love books. But my nightstand has been empty of nighttime books for beddy-bye reading. And then this lil’ parcel comes in the mail. Three little chap books. Poetry. Prose. By Roger Moore.

I was going to wait ’til bedtime, but I couldn’t resist. It’s September and a book All About Angels is fitting.



“He arrived in a fanfare of colour

blessing the world with a rainbow

oranges and lemons

suspended in water….

…when he left us

our world turned upside down…”



 . . . s – i – g – h . . .



All About Angels ©2009 by Roger Moore.

All About Angels ©2009 by Roger Moore.


10 thoughts on “Three little books = ‘Beddy-bye’ reading!

      • Sharp mind, though, and that’s what counts. I will put Monkey temple in the mail at some stage. I have a feeling you’ll love that. I’ll do the early version with Clare’s cover. The one online is mine. I cannot compete with her graphic skills and sense of artistry.

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      • That sounds wonderful. I’m sure I’ll love it, too!

        You’re very lucky to have Clare in your corner. My eldest daughter was supposed to be working on illustrating my childrens’ book, but she has 10 kids of her own, 8 of whom (plus 2 grands) are still in the home!

        Needless to say, that book still sits silent😕

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