One day only on Amazon: Free eBook “Folded Dreams-the Beginning”

Today would have been Mama’s 85th birthday. If she was still with us, I would have created a hard cover, one-of-a-kind, 24K gold embossed, special edition of my very first book, Folded Dreams-the Beginning just for her.

But she isn’t here, except in spirit, so I thought it would be nice to give the Kindle version of that book to everyone**, FREE, for one day only (beginning midnight tonight EST Saturday, 27 August – midnight EST Sunday, 28 August), in her name.

I think it would make her smile.

Happy Birthday, Mama…

From Mama to you: "Folded Dreams - the Beginning", Free On Kindle Today Only, on Amazon!

From The Old Fossil’s Mama to you: “Folded Dreams – the Beginning”, Free On Kindle, Today Only, on Amazon! (click!)

** I believe this free book promo is available in the US only…sorry 😦  (If UK readers find that they are indeed also included, please let me know here on The Old Fossil Writes – – – Thank you!)


15 thoughts on “One day only on Amazon: Free eBook “Folded Dreams-the Beginning”

  1. Oh man, I’m always late to the party when it comes to spreading the word! (and everything else, really). Your mother isn’t a lot older than mine! I’m so sorry she’s no longer with you…*raises glass in honour of your mother* <3.

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    • Thanks, Anne…it will be 15 years as of tomorrow…3 days after her 70th birthday. The last week of August is always rough, but with a bright lining: Mama was ready to ‘meet her Maker’, and knowing that made her passing much easier. For all of us…

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      • Way too soon :(. I can imagine <3. Aren't you almost the same age as she was now? My maternal grandmother died when she was 78 and my mother will turn 77 in a couple of months. I noticed she's thinking about that every day now, which is completely understandable.

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      • Gettin’ there. I’m62 but that’s close enough to start worrying about how fast time seems to fly.

        Her mother – my Granny – was close to 100, Grandmama’ & Granddaddy (paternal) were close to 90…but Mama’s daddy was only 42 or so.

        I think once you’re good and south of the half century mark, the weight of your mortality becomes much more noticable…maybe not scary, but definitely more of a daily companion.

        May your mother…AND you…enjoy as many years as you want😌

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      • Jaysus Pearl, you’re still a young butterfly, spreading her wings! 😀 62 and an old fossil *shakes head*. You’re a young fossil! XD You never know which genes you inherited and such (or well, obviously not your maternal grandfather’s, that’s SO young 😦 ) . Seize the day and all that jazz! Although I already notice it myself how fast time is going by. My biological clock is dangerously ticking :D. So I understand it can feel a bit like a countdown after 50, but it shouldn’t, really. Thank you! And may you take after your maternal granny! Almost 40 years left to write the heck out of things! 😀

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      • You’re such a pip!! If you had lived my life with me, you’d be like, “Ohhhhh, I see what makes you an Old fossil!!!

        Yes, I’m hoping I have that longevity gene of Granny’s, ‘cos at the rate I’m going, it’ll take me all 40 years to just finish this novel!!

        Grandfather died young prob’ly of his own volition. My dad used to refer to him as “a black haired, blue eyed, drunken, fiddle playin’ old Indian”! I would have cherished him, I’m sure, in spite of his “habit”😌 He went off one night, to play at a Saturday night square dance and never made it home. Granny said she heard a banshee and knew he was ‘gone on’…she said they found him sitting under a tree the next morning, clutching his fiddle. He’d had a heart attack. That’s the story Granny told me.

        God, I love my life!😁

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      • Haha ❤ Noo, then I'd probably say "I see what makes you such an experienced fossil!" 😀 Like a fossil veteran!
        Slow but steady dear :).Omg, that sounds like a scene from a movie! Or a Supernatural episode XD. I think a lot of our grandparents had some sort of drinking problem back in the day, but never with an accompanying banshee story like this! xD

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