Thoughts & Inspiration – God, Bob Ross & Roger Moore

"Happy little clouds"!

“Happy little clouds”!

My husband got into an accident a few days ago and wound up with five fractured ribs. While this may have been great inspiration for the writer of a medical novel, it better suited me to take a few days off from writing. So I  spent this week contemplating life, art, God, writing and Roger Moore, poet 😏

Now, the day after hubby got busted up, I took a walk to the corner store, about 3/4 mile away. I’ve not spent much time outside lately because of a nagging, sometimes debilitating health issue, so I was really soaking up the sun and fresh air on my way there. The sky was beautiful behind the various types of clouds floating around, and the sun was wonderfully brilliant, though it hurt my eyes even with my ‘blu-blocker’ sunglasses on.

Nature is beautiful; regardless of 97° heat and humidity, it never ceases to be awe inspiring. The slight whooshing sound as a breeze travels through a stand of Australian pine, cicadas singing so loudly that you can barely hear yourself think, watching the changing shapes of the clouds looming over the tree tops and the rainbow colours that appear where the clouds drift in front of the sun…well, let’s face it – God is indeed the Master Artist.

On my way back home, I couldn’t keep my eyes off the sky. With the sun at my back, it was much easier to study all those wonderful, blooming, bright white clouds that were slowly mixing with the angry looking storm clouds heading in from the west. Iridescent pastels and golds never disappear, even when they are overlaid with a myriad of values of grey.

Who hasn’t looked at clouds and seen pictures! I saw a porcupine, a pig, a woman’s head with one of those Greek  goddess style upswept hair-do’s and at the top of a particularly spectacular configuration, I even saw a replica of one of those huge statues of Christ the Redeemer, like the one in the Andes Mountains, between Argentina and Chile, just south of Mt. Aconcagua (nearly the same as the one we’ve seen on television during this year’s Olympics in Brazil). I mean, watching these clouds billow into forms just made me smile.

They seemed like such happy little clouds…hmmm.

Does anyone remember Bob Ross? He was a wonderful artist, well known even to this day because of his decade long television series, “The Joy of Painting”. He was then, and still is today (although he passed away from cancer many decades ago), famous for adding, as he put it, “happy little clouds” and “happy little trees” to his paintings (Melody Sheep/PBS did a music mix, “Bob Ross: Happy Little Clouds” here). Studying the sky that day, a random, perhaps nonsensical, thought occurred to me that God was ready for another assistant to share His status as Master Artist, so He invited Bob Ross to join his wife in heaven, just so we might all still be able to enjoy his happy little clouds!

I seem to be able to find inspiration in abundance, through my own thoughts and memories or by sheer chance…like when I’m “introduced” to people via social media or through my blog here. Sometimes it’s because of personal interaction with others, sometimes it’s because I have been touched by another’s writing.

My most recent ‘for instance’ was day before yesterday when I really spent time reading the works of contemporary poet, Roger Moore (no, not the erstwhile “007” – – – the other Roger Moore!). I was so entranced that I Googled him and wound up reading far more than he shares on his blog. In fact, I found myself so engrossed in his short stories, prose and poetry that before I knew it, I had spent 3 hours in the the company of his work…and gained much inspiration for my book(s).

Now, Roger Moore, art, ‘happy little clouds’, memories and God are not the only places I find inspiration. I don’t just follow bloggers, tweeters and posters…I read what you all write. I have found that my time on the internet would be very dull without you!


2 thoughts on “Thoughts & Inspiration – God, Bob Ross & Roger Moore

  1. I adored Bob Ross growing up. I used to lay at night and fall asleep listening to him paint. Eventually I came to learn to paint as well and appreciate what he seemed to convey with his “happy little trees”.

    The oddest events can sometimes trigger a much needed reflection and consideration of the much larger picture. I spend days on in, held up since I developed these brain lesions. When I am finally able to step out for a simple walk or trip to the park, I find myself amazed and astounded. Reminded that I am a small part of the much larger and beautiful picture.

    This is a beautiful post Pearl 🙂

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    • Awww, thank you, lovey! I paint as well, but as often as I try, I don’t quite get the results I want with landscapes (I sure can make some mighty happy little clouds, though, especially on my kids’ ceilings when they were little!).

      I can pencil sketch the heck out of something, but my paintings tend to be more abstract. Still, I invariably head for the easel after watching Bob Ross’ re-runs…every single day! Perhaps one day I’ll get it right!

      Many years ago, my granny (or Mama?) gave me a card with the picture of an angry ocean threatening to sink a rowboat. The verse said, “Watch over me, Lord, for the sea is SO big…and my boat is so small.” Looking up at the vastness of space, scanning any horizon, or even experiencing a mighty wind…I can’t help but be awestruck by my size as cimpared to this life…and I wonder if my kitty cat feels the same!

      Trying to function around serious, often debilitating health issues is never easy. As for me, I wonder at the misshapen branches of a lightening struck tree that stubbornly grows in spite of the damage, and marvel at the courage of a child who is stricken with cancer. Things like these give me hope and determination when I contemplate the fear I have of facing life as an author without sight.

      I hope you enjoyed the YouTube link to that Bib Ross, “Happy Little Clouds” music video!

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