Danng! I’ve been locked out of my Facebook! HELLLP!!!

Okay – I’ve had three Facebook accounts. Like many others, there have been times that I’ve not only forgotten my password, but have also either forgotten which email I used to sign up…or can no longer remember that password either!

Automatic recourse? New Facebook account! Of course, you use a different form of your name or, like I did, sign up with a pseudonym – for me, it was Philosopher’s Journey – although somewhere on my account my real name is there.

Well, somehow the issue of multiple accounts arose (think “TOS” – Terms of Service) and, even though I contacted Facebook each time I was unable to log in to those other two (and they said that I’d just have to create a new account…wish I’d kept those emails), I’m in violation until they verify my ID…which I did submit, albeit with much trepidation

Sooo…my problem for which I need Help! HELLLP!!! is this: my posts are automatically shared on Facebook when I hit ‘Publish’…except now they’re not because I can’t log into Facebook yet. I share on Twitter and Instagram and even Google+, but I need to ask my followers here on The Old Fossil Writes to please, please use the Share buttons at the bottom of each post and share to your Facebook, and especially if you have a Public page or profile!

It won’t be forever (although I’d love for you to continue Sharing on all your social media afterwards😁) but I’d sure appreciate your help at least with the posts I’ve done since last Sunday, 7th of August!

Please HELP! HELLLP!!! til I’m no longer locked out of Facebook!


4 thoughts on “LOCKED OUT OF FACEBOOK – – – Help! HELLLP!!!

    • One problem with mine was that my profile is Philosopher’s Journey rather than my real name. The other issue was the 2 old pages that PhilJourney replaced. Not sure what I’ll do once I’m allowed back in.

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