Folded Dreams: Ever evolving. And now gerontology?

Folded Dreams - ever evolving...

Folded Dreams – ever evolving…

This novel of mine, Folded Dreams, seems to be ever evolving; the story brushes up against so many sciences (even though I may take a good bit of poetic license, there!)…and now every one of my characters have suggested that the science of gerontology must be included!

” Gerontology is the study of the social, psychological, cognitive, and biological aspects of aging.” (Thank you, Wikipedia!)

Because of the nature of the story, what with all the bouncing around through time (whether through memories, dreams, ‘in the spirit’ or…otherwise), most of the characters in Folded Dreams will, at some juncture, experience old age. There are numerous interactions between the characters, during the varying stages of old age, and even some with ancient ancestors.

Thomas’ mother (neither she nor his father have yet been introduced, by the way…see upcoming post, “Folded Dreams: Cast of Characters”) whispered to me the other day, from somewhere behind and beyond my left shoulder, that without understanding how old age might affect an individual, and therefore how the subtle (or not so subtle) related nuances may exhibit, the reader may not be able to put himself into the mindset to grasp the relevance of a scene…for instance, some old fossils are cranky and some are mellow, some patient and some are quite intolerably impatient.

Bear in mind that I have no desire to even co-author a textbook, so, as with the other sciences referenced in the Folded Dreams novel, explanations, definitions and examples will be scattered throughout the dialogues, ‘travel’ sequences and background chatter.

I’m still hoping to have Folded Dreams ready to publish by December 2016, but I declare, these characters need to give me a break! If all of this evolving and additions of subjects like gerontology, of all things, keeps up, it won’t be ready until I’m old enough to be listed as an ancient ancestor!