Catching up on my reviews – finally

OMK! (that's "oh my Kindle!", to the unwashed masses!!) - circa: May 2016

OMK! (that’s “oh my Kindle!”, to the unwashed masses!!) – circa: May 2016

My Kindle. Wow. I may have an admirable print library (and would have 3 times the number if I hadn’t lost so many in various household moves), but my Kindle? :O After having downloaded the program only a short two months ago, I have already acquired nearly 200 Kindle versions of books (most for free and some for up to $2.99 per book), and have read about 70 of them already. I’m thinking that it’s about time for me to be catching up on my reviews for Goodreads and the Amazons (US & UK).

Now, I follow and keep up-to-date on a lot of blogs. Some are personal, a few take a scientific bent on the subject of Life (from medicine to physics), a number have the most gorgeous photography everrrr…and then there are the blogs I follow which are maintained by authors or reviewers. And I don’t just scan them. I read about the authors, I read the book reviews, sometimes I comment…and I study the way the sites are put together.

So, while I’m in the process of writing reviews (and keeping a better record of them), I’ll also be contemplating adding a category, “Bookshelf”, to The Old Fossil Writes. I’d like to do the “dropdown menu” thing, but I just can’t figure it out 😦

In all likelihood, I will simply carry on just like I have been, with Posts. I’ll make it easy, though: I’ll use links to the Amazon/Goodreads reviews that I post, rather than do my usual 100,000 wpp (words per post)!!

Catching up on my reviews is going to be fun!