Very First Preview of novel-in-progress – “Waking Up Dead!”, now on Goodreads!

Screenshot_2016-05-31-04-42-49-1-1You asked for it (well, some did, anyway 😀 ) and here it is, unveiled for the very first time, your very own, prologue and first chapter preview of my novel-in-progress, Waking Up Dead! A bit of humour, mixed with drama and a whole lot of, “but…but…but…!” by the time this book is finished, but for now?

Just a bit of fair warning – – – you might need a bit of a strong stomach :O

Don’t let the summary, description and prologue fool you. Waking Up Dead! is not a tale that your preacher would relate to his staid congregation during a solemn Sunday service!

You can read Waking Up Dead! – prologue and first chapter here on Goodreads! Let me know what you think of it so far (remember that it’s only the first draft!