Who am I?

No matter what your career or life goals, the outlook by this young man is bourne of the wisdom of having “been there, done that”, and is certainly worth a read.

Rationalising The Universe

There is a scene in the film Zoolander which gets me every time – he is knelt by a roadside, catching his refection in a puddle asking, in Stiller’s own unique style, who am I? This blog was started in the twilight portion of 2015 as a way to record and share science – but more importantly that that a journey correcting mistakes from the past. For those who don’t know the premise of this blog, I don’t mean a misspent youth day drinking at bus stops and running around with the kind of girls your parents hope you don’t, I mean a pathway through life that involved not perusing my true interests. This whole journey is about not being willing to accept what I have, no matter how much short term satisfaction can be gained, in order to invest in something more permanent in this terribly ephemeral world I find myself…

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