Spirit. One of the Great Mysteries…and a concept that seems often to be confused with that of ‘soul’.

As someone who has always had a thirst for knowledge, understanding the nature of “spirit” has been the cause of quite a few sleepless nights for me, for well over a half century. It took me fourteen years of living on this earth to even realize that there is a difference between spirit and soul. I thank my first ever Jewish friends in “The City of Angels”, for that startling revelation, by the way.

Here I must state that, while the compensation for gaining that knowledge was to help me focus my search for understanding somewhat, it certainly did not result in any real answers. If anything, it only made for double the study!

I did discover that one of the most enlightening explanations of the difference between spirit and soul is actually addressed in the Torah, if you can arrange your brain to understand it – and have a satisfactory translation (I had the reference written down somewhere…now where did I put it?😠).

Perhaps if I’d also had the acquaintance of a learned rabbi or other scholar, I would not have had to struggle so hard and long with grasping the spirit v. soul differences…

As an adult…

…with children…

…all 10+2 of whom have also had that same question at one time or another.

The problem dealing with a subject as deep and involved as this is the energy requirements of research – you had better have taken your gingko biloba and gotten a solid bit of rack time (sleep) under your belt, because your powers of concentration and analysis are going to be stretched to the max, while delving into all the religious tomes you’ll need to read.

There is, of course, the simple, basic statement that my old friends gave me, all those decades ago: “Soul and spirit are dependent upon, but separate from each other; they work together equally and share aspects, but are not interchangeable…sort of like your Christian ‘trinity’.”

Which is fine.

If you just want to know the basics.

Not enough, though, if you seek to understand…which I always did want, for knowledge by rote has never been enough for me.

Now, especially since writing the “Folded Dreams” books in which the spirit plays an intrinsic part, have I needed to really understand…for much of that story is played out in the spirit.

Kenning back to the friends of my youth, I knew that I was in for a lot of research because, paranormal or metaphysical fiction though Folded Dreams may be, I would not want to be guilty of misrepresenting any belief that I may reference in the story.

Take incarnations, for example; Jewish interpretations aside, the idea of different types of incarnation are part and parcel of a number of religions, including Hinduism, Buddhism, Sufi and, in vague form (again, depending on interpretation), are even held by some Christians (“”).

And that, as well as the nature of spirit, as opposed to the measurable intelligence of natural man, is also something to be considered…but that is another post entirely!

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      • Hi Pearl, thought you may like to know the draft I’ve been working on is auto-scheduled for 10am tomorrow. It’s title: ‘On visions, maps, timing and God’s jigsaw of harvest of souls in New Britain’. Bit long but ‘does what it says on the tin’!

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      • I’ll set a sticky note on my laptop. Hmmm…what an appropriate term for this life: a jigsaw. Maybe that was one of the problems in my youth — I was always too impatient to be good with jigsaws.

        Youth. Impatience. Off on a spurious tangent at the drop of a hat. Yep, that sounds about right!

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    • I’ve always loved the stories of Moses…not only an adopted son, but one who, having been shown Truth, and having done all, stood firm and tall for God…even to the point that he had to give up all that he had known since being retrieved from the waters.

      His story, as with Job (another of my favourite persons) fills us with hope and faith that God cares for His own, giving back to us that which/whom we have lost.

      So many are mistaken in thinking that, once we have “given over”, it’s effortless to stay on target; they just don’t see the full picture, and nor do they realise that there must be a transferrence, with God’s Spirit being allowed full rein…nay, full Reign…over our own will.

      Thanks for sharing this with your readers, Richard…

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      • Thank you so much for your feedback. I’d sensed it was important not only because of what I learned but also in view of ‘God-incidental’ significance. AND had hoped to have posted much sooner – but timing is so often of the Lord.

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      • And that’s a critical point, isn’t it: “God’s Time”?! What we call ‘time’ is so far removed from His; mankind just doesn’t “get” that we actually control nothing but our own choices, but God’s timing is perfect…which is why this was posted when it was! Imagine how many might have missed it, had you forced yourself to post at any other time?!!

        I’m a great believer that He places what we need in our paths at the precise moment it is needed…neither before, nor after.

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      • Exactly – and it’s fascinating how He connects Australia (as with latest post) and UK, as well as with US, etc etc… So does He hold everything together with ‘string’ – and pull it? Hence my interest in maths/physics.

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      • “So does He hold everything together with ‘string’ – and pull it?” Lolol! I guess that’s one way of looking at String Theory!! The next time my mind begins to boggle, I’ll think about that one😁

        God is Master everything…including the Master Physicist. He invented the Theory of Everything!!!

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  1. Spirit–>soul–>conscience–>gut….all of them, virtually beyond the grasp of understanding, but tied together with that irrepressible part of yourself that seeks definition and the quest to discern what is really of value to us as earthlings. That valuable gut feeling that we experience, that sixth sense, how does it connect to that thinking-feeling- reasoning part of us? It has to be related somehow. The gut, a hot bed of serotonin release, hmm, does this point to our brain as the instigator of our soul-spirit- sixth sense connection?
    Ah, enough material to contemplate for eternity.
    Fascinating post. Thank you!

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    • I know, right?! The worst part is that so much of what we ARE cannot be measured or recorded, and so soul, spirit and so on are said to not exist…and yet science acknowledges ‘instinct’ to exist!

      Oh yes…conundrum! Dontcha love it?!!!

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  2. you had better have taken your gingko biloba “. I snorted with laughter there :$. I definitely agree on a difference between a spirit and a soul. But to put that difference into words…one would need a shitload of gingko biloba for that!

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