Nightime rituals – or – “The TV, the Sleep Timer & Me”

"...'til it watches me..."

“…’til it watches me…”

I’m a creature of habit when it comes to nighttime rituals. As a matter of fact, there is a serious, mutual bedtime ritual between my tv, its sleep timer and me.

It is quite likely that if we did not have one another to depend on, I would never sleep, the sleep timer would de-calibrate and the tv would probably go into shock and blow up (it’s a very old tv). And the cat, who sleeps with me, would also likely suffer insomnia.


Oh, and Harry Potter would never find out he’s a wizard and Voldemort would destroy the world…including we Muggles…or Frodo would never make it out of the Shire and Sauron and Christopher Lee would destroy Middle Earth…and all of we Muggles.


Ever since I bought the first Harry Potter movie on VHS (oh yeah…that long ago), and then the very first Lord of the Rings (uh huh…also on VHS), it has been my habit to put one or the other movie on, set the sleep timer on 2 1/2 – 3 hours and fall asleep with dreams of sugar plum elves and flesh eating slugs dancing in my head.

Or as I say, “I’ll watch the movie until the movie watches me.”

Yep. This was a fluffy filler-post.

Time for my nighttime tv, timer and me ritual. Nitey-nite, all!! 😄

...will Frodo make it out of the Shire tonight?? Better pop the tape know...just to make sure!

…will Frodo make it out of the Shire tonight?? Better pop the tape in…you know…just to make sure!