Explanations & Clues – or – “When a story is just plain weird!”

"What to do, what to dooo??!!"

“What to do, what to dooo??!!”

You open the book and start reading. The Prologue intrigues enough for you to continue on to the first chapter, which is deliciously strange…but then it gets just plain weird. Is there a way to prepare the reader for this eventuality? Should the reader even be forewarned?

“Well, this can’t be right…did I miss something?” you ask yourself whilst simultaneously scratching your head and stroking your beard.

(hey, don’t chuckle…even some of us old fossil females have a beard – mine is quite luxurious! Ever noticed that, in any of my photos, you never see my chin clearly?!๐Ÿ˜ฎ๐Ÿ˜„)

Back to the subject: “when a story is just plain weird”

I reference, of course, my books – “Folded Dreams…”, both ‘- the Beginning’ and the upcoming novel. I suppose the best way to explain my dilemma would be to borrow a quote from Anne at Inked Brownies, when she reviewed “Folded Dreams – the Beginning”, in which she said:

“Just when you think Folded Dreams is also all about a girl with supernatural powers (which it seems like during the first few chapters), it isnโ€™t really. Not in the conventional sense, at least.

What this story is really about is life, and death not being the end of it.”

Fair warning, yes?

Fortunately, Folded Dreams – the Beginning is a very, very short book and, while the ending may yet insure a “Wha’ whaaat!๐Ÿ˜ฎ” reaction, there is little risk of becoming frustrated while trying to figure it out.

With the novel…and especially if the reader has not visited the first book (although I’m trying very hard to make the novel suitable as a stand-alone)…it will not be such a simple thing. The novel is not a ‘light read’.

So, what to do with a story that’s just plain weird? Should I provide a hint of explanation? A few hidden clues?

Oh! wait a minute…ooookay…now I get why editors are so important!

So…nezzer mind…forget i mentioned it!

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