Time to Focus: Projects, Dedicated Pages, Links, Polls…Theme Change?


“The Old Fossil Writes” is scattered. The theme, while I really like it, doesn’t really do justice to what I wanted for this blog. I think it’s time to focus. Time to figure out how to organize it into a more cohesive, dedicated site. It’s about time for a change. Soon.

This is my author blog. It should have information, not only about me, as an author, and my books, but also about fellow authors and their books, links to their sites, and to recognize the book bloggers who have been kind enough to review my and my author friends’ books. I look at other authors’ blog sites and see where the Old Fossil needs to improve.

And I will. Mama always said that you learn something new every day. I intend to prove her right.

So yes, it’s time to focus and make a change…from theme to content; make it easier to keep up with my projects and updates and help make my friends’ books and sites easy to find via a ‘Links’ page. It’s time to take steps away from “personal blog” to working on my professionalism. After all, writing may be my passion, but it’s also my job.