“Dedication: To God. I get it.” – Waking Up Dead…An Update


I decided last week that I needed a few days break from “Folded Dreams”, the novel, so “Waking Up Dead” has had my undivided attention…beginning with the Dedication of this project, “To God.” because, indeed, “I get it.”

Many of the choices we make in life are done so without the least regard to our own particular “end of days”. We always seem to think, “I’ve got plenty of time.”

We neither think about, and nor do we care, how those decisions will affect us on our deathbed…a time when all of us, without exception, will be forced to ponder what we actually believe. And sometimes that day comes a lot sooner than later.

Sadly, not even children, teenagers, young adults and perfectly healthy adults are immune.

I’ve always said, “If the atheists are right and the Judeo-Christians are wrong, I have nothing to worry about. But if atheists are wrong and Judeo-Christians are right…well…I have nothing to worry about.”

I freely admit, with pleasure, that I am a believer in Jesus as the Christ and all which that entails. I came to that decision very early…and I don’t think I would be remiss in crediting my mother for such an early pondering of the question.

Which brings me to the Acknowledgement of the book. The primary acknowledgement page reads thus (and you will see the connection!):

“Whenever Mama witnessed or heard about anyone taking unnecessary or stupid, life-threatening chances, or making really poor choices, her inevitable comment went something like, “He’d better be careful. One of these days he’s going to wake up dead and there won’t be any more chances to make mistakes…or restitution.

Your mouth to God’s ear, Mama. Your mouth to God’s ear.”

Believe it or not, “Waking Up Dead” isn’t some dark, religious, hellfire and damnation book. It’s full of stupid, life-affecting choices, questioning…and understanding…faith, discernment of right vs wrong and second…sometimes third…chances.

There is humour and probably those moments when the reader will admit, perhaps with an inward, embarrassed groan, “Oh, jeeze…been there, done that.”

But there is redemption and hope that, in the end, when you eventually “wake up dead”, you, too, will be able to face your Maker and say, “I get it. I was almost too late, but I get it.”

I hope you will enjoy my next project, “Waking Up Dead!”


5 thoughts on ““Dedication: To God. I get it.” – Waking Up Dead…An Update

  1. Sounds a little scary, (I’m terrified of dying in my sleep for some control freak kind of reason) but very insightful as well! Religion has always been a confusing part of my life ๐Ÿ™‚

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    • Lol! Not to worry…it’s not really scary. And I understand both the “in your sleep” AND ‘confusing’ issues. At my age, and with all the kids, grands and great-grands I have, “Waking Up Dead” is a real concern! As far as religion goes, “Folded Dreams – the Beginning” was basically a story about myself…I always had questions about God, faith and religion, and no one seemed to be able to answer them.I finally realized that there are no real experts about death, except for those who have already made that final journey…and can’t be consulted (although I believe that near-death experiences are real).

      But WUD is told with a humourous slant. I can promise you that it’s not something that will have you looking over your shoulder for a red something with a pitchfork and forked tail!!

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      • I hear ya. My mother is concerned about it as well and I sometimes wonder how on earth she’s coping with it! I’m going to try and read FD in June btw :). I totally didn’t get to replying you anymore about it with last week being a poopy week and all, sawwy :$. Hahaha, *phew*!

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      • Well, if your mother is anything like me (and most moms), the concern is about how her children are going to fare without her. Tell her for me that she knows in her heart you will all be fine, because she knows how she raised you.

        I told my kids, “When I “kick the bucket”, you’d all BETTER grieve, but don’t make it a habit!” As for me, I hate that either I WILL miss my family, or that that I won’t have need to miss them (since they say heaven is not a place for tears, ya’ know?).

        Take your time with FD. You’ll only need about a half hour to read it…45 minutes if you read all the front and back matter as well! It’s a great “Throne” read!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

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      • My sister and I are enfants terribles, so she will most likely still be worried XD. But thank you for the tip! Hahaha, brilliant! I’m a terrible slowpoke, but I’ll keep you updated on it ;).

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