On Goodreads, Folded Dreams & Waking Up Dead

"edit! Edit!! EDIT!!!"

 “edit! Edit!! EDIT!!!”

Besides trying to keep up with my woefully disorganized social media, I have managed to stay busy in a significant way lately. There are two weeks left to enter my Goodreads Giveaway; “Folded Dreams”, the novel, is progressing and I have (almost) made a fair start to my other novel, “Waking Up Dead!”.

So far, close to 200 readers have entered the Giveaway…and I wish I’d had the capacity to offer at least 10 copies! Maybe one day that will happen. But until such time, I’m really psyched about finally seeing the names of the four winners and sending the books out!

I discover, more and more each day, how utterly different writing a novel is, as opposed to writing a short story…not so much the writing itself (which still requires mass amounts of concentration, regardless of form), but in the sheer time it takes to edit.

I had thought at first to write a full manuscript, as I did with “Folded Dreams-the Beginning”, and then edit the whole thing down (or up). But I simply haven’t the self-patience to allow glaring mistakes or poor dialogue/storyline to sit around, waiting for corrections.

When I start my day in front of my computer, the first thing I do is read what I’ve written previously, from day one. And as a general rule, I catch some mistake, or change a bit here and there, before continuing on. Of course because there is new writing, each working day takes a little longer to get started.

I’m up to Chapter 7 on “Folded Dreams”. This is far short of my original goal; I’d hoped to have reached the halfway mark by now. I could look at this in a negative way, cursing myself for a fool for expecting more. Instead, I am filing away these little (and great) lessons as fodder for “Waking Up Dead” and other future projects.

It is precisely the experience of these past couple of months that have kept aggravation and frustration to a minimum, whilst writing the first chapters of “Waking Up Dead!”

This novel is supposed to be a bit humourous, but I lost my way after the first paragraph and it wound up quite dark. So, in the same way one must rip out stitches from a knitted sweater or woven tapestry that has gone wrong, I had to cut out great swatches, all the way to the first quote beneath the first chapter. In other words, all but the first sentence.

Pain in the arse, that.

But that’s alright. I have these last two weeks of the Goodreads Giveaway for “Folded Dreams – the Beginning” to look forward to, the “Folded Dreams” novel, although tough, is still proceeding smoothly, I have decided that “acceptation” is preferable to “expectation” and I am still excited about starting “Waking Up Dead!”

I refuse to fall into some great dark depression this early in the month. I’ll wait a few weeks to start ripping out my hair. Again.