Six books…two days…seven-no-eight reviews (finally finished the review on Danielle Esplin’s novel, “Give It Back”…so complex…really difficult!).

Let’s be clear: I love to read. That’s (all caps, italicized and bold) LOVE to read! And when I start, you don’t want to interrupt me. I get angry when someone interrupts me while I’m reading.

And you wouldn’t like me when I’m angry.

I throw things. Sometimes I throw people. Or cars. Or tantrums.

So when I start to read, I read a lot of books. Which is cool. But I get so involved in reading all those books, that I forget I should write reviews. Which is not cool.

This weekend, I’m definitely #NotWriting (at least not on my novel!).

Just sayin’.

(…back to my reviews~n~books, books~n~reviews.) The End.