Adding Another 3 Days to the Free Book Promo!!

Free on Amazon! Folded Dreams - the Beginning

Free on Amazon! Folded Dreams – the Beginning

Work on the follow-up novel, “Folded Dreams”, is progressing (slowly, of course, since this is my first novel!), so I thought I’d add another 3 days to the “Free Book Promo”  😁 since I’m allowed 5 full days of it.

I tried to do that, but editing the dates don’t seem to be an option, so I’ll give starting a new one a go after this one’s finished…maybe Friday through Sunday?

That sounds like a plan!

And when you do grab your free Kindle copy of “Folded Dreams – the Beginning”, won’t you please leave a review on Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook, Twitter or even comment or email me here?

Reviews are life blood to any author…without them, our books just sit there, unsold and unshared.

Ever seen a puppy, constantly passed over as his little brothers and sisters are adopted around him?

Yeah. Our unreviewed books are like that. They get lonely.

(Did the ‘sad little puppy’ reference work your heart strings and tear ducts? Just a lil’ bit?? Maybe??? Hopefully??!!!)

Seriously..thanks for taking advantage of the “Free Book Promo!” and getting your copy of “Folded Dreams the Beginning”!

Have a glorious week!