Is it just me? or “I’d REALLY love to see a REAL Quidditch match!”

(want to see more photos by Anshu Agarwal? "Click" for his Facebook!)

(want to see more photos by Anshu Agarwal? “Click” for his Facebook!)

Now, I know that the magical world created by J.K. Rowling is fantasy (although I get so immersed, whilst reading the books or watching the movies, that it’s quite real to me, if only for a time!), but am I the only person in the world who would really, REALLY, loovvve to see a real, honest to goodness, quidditch match…up close and personal?

I rather think not!

Technology has given mankind the ability to fly into the wild blue yonder on silver wings, deliver a package to a consumer without putting a tire on the road, allow a doctor to remotely examine a wounded soldier in the field, cloak a plane to be invisible to radar…indeed, has even come up with “chameleon” technology!…and create a 3-dimensional object using only a printer!

So why, in the name of Lily Evans Potter, can’t technology come up with a workable prototype to pull off a believable Quidditch match??!!

I’m afraid the closest I’ll ever come to witnessing a Wronski Feint is watching some mommy somewhere try to wrestle her small child into a bathtub and/or Sunday Best church clothes, or some daddy struggle to catch his son for his first sit in a barber’s chair!

Or watch the movies, either on a screen, or in my mind’s eye while reading.

Or perusing the galleries of photographical geniuses, the likes of Anshu Agerwal, who visited an Himalayan village, took pictures of the village children, mounted on broomsticks, and then photo-shopped the set to look like the world’s best quidditch game. EVERRR!!!

Still…to be able to see a REAL quidditch match? How I’d really love that! 😀